Zee5 Taish Movie Review


Taish Movie Review

The new release that is sadly going under everyone's radar and I want to talk about is a Bejoy Nambiar project titled Taish that just released on 29th October. The film has been transformed into a six-episode series just like JL50 was in order to develop interest among the viewers as the plot develops while both these projects could standalone as films. I understand the creative choice is constantly engaging the audience and wanting more what would you rather have an over three-hour film on the old platform or see a six-episode exhilarating experienced. Taish directed by one of my favourite creators b Bejoy Nambiar stars a talented and phenomenal cast in the form of Harshvardhan Rane, Jim Sarbh,  Pulkit Samrat, Kriti Kharbanda and Sanjeeda Sheikh in lead roles. I will call it a film so let's get that out of the way before you correct me. It focuses on wedding celebrations that go terribly wrong as the family in mary crosses paths with an influential mob family only for a dark history to get unveiled. The slippery slope and dire circumstances that result in an act of rage or impulsive anger which is the meaning of the title of the film. Taish forms the premise of this exhilarating unique and stylized action-thriller. Here's me describing you Zee5 Taish Movie Review and will tell you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this six-episode series or film is worth your time on Zee5 or not. 

Taish Full Cast and Crew

Director: Bejoy Nambiar
Writers: Gunjit Chopra (Dialogue Writer), Kartik R. Iyer (additional dialogue) 

Harshvardhan Rane as Pali
Pulkit Samrat as Sunny
Jim Sarbh as Rohan Kalra
Kriti Kharbanda as Arfa
Sanjeeda Sheikh as Jahaan
Melissa Raju Thomas as Simmi

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The Underwhelming Aspects 

Voice Modulation - This is a bit of a meticulous point that many may have not noticed but hey we're here to talk about films in every aspect of it so let's get to it. The cast of the film each talent has done a praiseworthy job. The majority of the characters represent the title and theme of the film. Characteristics such as impulsiveness, emotional, unrepressed are communicated convincingly but what happens in a film that is charged with uncomfortable situations that come out of nowhere for characters is that the performances have to be on the edge. Almost constantly stimulated with no time to breathe and this, in turn, leads to many sequences where characters are just trying to figure out things while the walls are closing. In some of the scenes, I noticed that Jim Sarbh a man with theatre pedigree running and shouting in sequence almost taking pauses at the oddest intervals. It lends a sense of realism for a person who has to come to terms with the unfortunate news but stood out to me as an attempt to do something different which faltered moments as a creative choice while Sanjeeda contributes an extremely emotional performance, the voice modulation and dramatic moments especially one sequence as she confronts Harshvardhan's character becomes uncomfortably loud. This does not impact the overall performance of the cast but was a technical detail that stood out for me in moments. 

Zee5 Taish Movie Review

Creative Choice and Insight

Dejo and Ambier have a tendency to provide you with new information almost in every sequence. This leads to the viewer almost anticipating that something is about to happen while from a premise standpoint Taish consistently draws you in numbering in casual conversations also drop big reveal. He is not a creator that will overwhelm you with a harsh soundtrack when a truth bomb drops by a character. He simply presents a conversation and moves on and this often leads to a viewer scratching their head with the new information almost doing a double-take to be like did she just says that. This precisely led to a polarizing reaction of the film likes solo especially the twist in the world of Rudra while I am no one to give insight to a creator like Nambiar just felt that for a director who has such exemplary visuals and precise itingone can communicate the same contentious issues through visuals. Enough for the viewer to feel the turmoil of a character. 

The Good 

MusicI hate to see such a beautiful soundtrack get such little attention while the noise garners millions of views in this crazy landscape Nambiar are a creator who is all about the attention to detail with musicians placement in the film and giving due respect to artists has formed a beautiful team with Taish. I have so many recommendations of the songs from this melodious soundtrack or "chord" sung by Jyotika Tangri where the music of Raghav Sachar really pulls at your heartstrings especially the reprised version sung by Mohan Kannan "Rey Bavari" sung by Prarthna and Govind Vasanth will transport you to this place's serenity complemented by beautiful music composed by Vasanth himself. One of my favourites from the soundtrack is the melancholic background music titled rage infinity composed by Gaurav. I would highly recommend you check out Taish, the full album video on the Zee music company youtube channel. It's totally worth it. 


The Phenomenal Cast 

The talent involved in this film really has done a brilliant job before I get to the main cast I really have to talk about the standout performers from this supporting cast Ankur Rathee and Zoa Mirani the to be a married couple with their own set of problems with the limited screentime do a praiseworthy job. It was so refreshing to see Abhimanyu Singh as Kuljindar Pali. The intense mob boss is an actor that has been impressing with his transformative role since 2001. He is simply brilliant. It is, however, Saloni Batra and Saurabh Sajdev that stand out with a power pack performances. Bhatra who I became a fan of after sony has convincingly portrayed a woman who has become numb from within who has accepted the vices surrounding. Her clear train of thought amongst the madness is portrayed with precision. Saurabh such dave another veteran in the game who has done so many supporting roles is wickedly hilarious. Pali's right-hand man is loyal fanatical and totally ruthless. From the main cast Kriti Kharbanda comparatively has little to do but with the written material does justice to her part. Sanjeeda similarly with a little screen time beautifully communicates through her eyes. A sadness deeply embedded in her fate and reality, a proven tv actor who was such a pleasure to see in a film. While I have always been somewhat of a sceptic of the Pulkit Samrat's talent he definitely shines in moments in this film. Showcasing his ability to convincingly portray intense roles as well. Jim Sarbh keeping in mind the slight criticism I had has such a natural quality as a performer. He fills paces with improvisation, makes you believe that you're eavesdropping on a conversation rather than watching performances. His chemistry with Kriti and the banter with the boys all performed with Sachi's, there's no doubt about one thing though. 

The Soul

The soul of Taish is Harshvardhan Rane, in every shape and form. I almost got emotional seeing the abundant talent of this man every time he came in the fame, portraying the role of Pali, wrong lover and the loyal family man. His intimidating presence stocky physical structure and intense eyes almost left me baffled. For the little, we have seen of him the ease with which he delivers his Punjabi dialogues, the swagger with which he enters a room Harsh really headed out of the park with this one. A the character that makes sure he looks at his enemies right in the eye before he leaves. Harshvardhan in every frame from the intense a love story to the turmoil within the family absolutely kills it. It's a performance honestly to watch out for. 

Taish IMDb Rating

Editing and Screenplay 

What is brilliant about any Bejoy Nambiar film is that it will technically stand out. The editing by Priyank prem Kumar is created perfectly in grasping the attention of the audience, while films can easily waver to sub-plots, the edit constantly reminds us of the dire situation that has led to the circumstances in which the characters find themselves in. This also has to do with the brilliant screenplay of Karthik Iear that presents the story in a non-chronological format for one to keep you on your toes with what transpires in the story but consistently remind you that the core motivation and focus of the characters are never lost. The cinematography by Harashvir Oberoi will encapsulate you and the visual depiction also made me come to the conclusion that if the Nambiar with the budget constraints showcases such great action sequences both of combat, as well as car chases, would love to see one day a big production house put the faith in him with an out and out action film while I have immense respect for a creator like Bejoy Nambiar who always presents something fresh and pushes the envelope in an ecosystem that is catered towards recreating and remakes the film does have its hiccups. Like some of the movies in his filmography, he will always hook you from the first frame be it the mentally disturbed mother in Shaytan (2011) the unexpected mission in Wazeer (2016) or a body in the middle of the road as there are torrential rain and solo. He will hook you, keep you engaged constantly remind you of the motivation and sadly lose focus momentarily. Taish similarly experiences those ebbs and flows, beautifully showcasing the contrast of mary and anarchy side by side while in the fourth and fifth episode you might disconnect from the choices of characters. He has the ability to suck you right back in its conclusions. I would really urge you to support this film for its inventiveness talent, as well as its technical brilliance. Harshvardhan 's performance is a gentle reminder that talent will eventually persevere and be appreciated as they say difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. You can watch Taish on Zee5 and that was Zee5 Taish Movie Review guys write it down in the comments below what you thought about the movie please do not forget to follow me on Twitter the handles right in front of you. Please support us by smashing the like/share/react button and subscribing to our Blog for weekly content ahead thank you for reading.

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