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Color Photo movie review 

When a character in the thought-provoking the film "Color Photo" mocks at a privileged bigot for making a meal out of the cast and colour referencing 1999 as a year of progression, a society that has presumably finally evolved. I quickly realized the power of this Telugu love story that sheds light on contentious issues that have scarred this country and are relevant even today. How does an ordinary love story set in the 90s permeate to the masses and lead to such an intense discussion among film fans. After several recommendations, I finally took the plunge on the aha streaming platform to understand the impact of colour photo and boy was this a memorable viewing experience but it made me wonder why is the audience so invested, why do they feel this deep connection with these actors. Color Photo is a representation of any starry-eyed artist that wanted to be apart of any feature film. These actors have spent several years in providing content on the digital platform through their skits and shorts and which has generated their own loyal audience. There is a sense of empathy and validity the masses feel when individuals with humble beginnings finally get a national platform to showcase what they already knew was their potential. Be it may Suhash Chai Bisket youtube channel, Viva Harsha doing comedy skits on the viable channel or even Chandni Chaudhry several short films. These actors echo the same sentiments from an audience when I see talented actors from the digital space finally getting a break in the mainstream.

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Color Photo focuses on a love story that blossoms in engineering college in the late 90s. Jay Krishna an aspirational boy who sells milk on his bicycle only to rush to college for a better future is absolutely smitten by the beautiful Deepti Varma but a man knows his place right he is self-aware of the heartless nature of society and the way they treat him not for his capability or personality but for his appearance, he can't dream of ever having Deepti by his side. An assumption based on all the experiences that may have scarred him. The countless times he was reminded of his worth. Simply for being the way he was born but what if Deepti doesn't care about societal norms and expectations. What if all the assumptions you had of this beautiful girl were just a projection of your dark past. As Jay Krishna and Deepti fall head over heels for one another dissuading college peers and sadistic family members do everything in their capabilities to make sure this union never lasts. You have to realize that for commercial Hindi cinema original love stories have become a dying genre. This is not because the audience is not interested in films that showcase an intense love story with primary characters but it is mainly due to the underwhelming scripts that have consistently been churned out that has led to producers feeling that this genre has been sucked out dry. So how does Color Photo a love story set in the 90s creates such a discussion in 2020, a gentle reminder to everyone especially Bollywood that this genre is very much alive. It's because this film has the ability to say so much more than its premise. 


It highlights issues that this country is still battling on a consistent basis. We live in a time in 2020 where films are still obsessing over fair skin as being marketable faces and a representation of beauty. It highlights the discussion we still see on social media based on the cast. Color Photo through its storytelling reminded me so much of powerful films like Pariyerum Perumal and Sarat stories where two characters simply long for one another, devoid of all the social prejudice and notions that have been fed to them, only to be reminded their place in society and what they deserve. While Color Photo spans for 2 hours and 22 minutes and invests the time in understanding the various equations of characters in the college, their friend groups their relationships their character traits and eccentricities, I only partially felt a sense of the story slowing down. The film is very simplistic in its depiction of a love story. The screenplay almost lending it achronological storytelling format but it is the writing by Durga prasad and the beautiful attention to detail that truly stays with you. Arranged marriage for women are realistically portrayed as secure foreign return investments that function as a role of a dice, sacrifices that are made by women to spend their life with individuals only on the basis of security. One girl rightfully points out by the time all love fails we get married to someone else, sadly men make movies about their turmoil but no one writes our stories more than highlighting the problems of society, the film also beautifully represents characters that want to change their fate. Just like Jay Krishna highlighting that solutions can be met one way or another, clearly stating that dirty water may not quench our thirst but it can put out a fire. My favourite aspect of the Color Photo is the constant film references in casual conversation that actually are reflective of the impact that the entertainment industry has so much in our real-life. From aspects such as stalking the obsession of fair skin and especially one time when the boisterous brother is being observed, only to reference Chiranjeevi's 1997 film Hitler and how it may have inspired him. The beautiful music of Kaal Bhairava only enhances the storyline. A creator that has provided the exhilarating music. It is, however, the sensitivity of the performance especially the three main leads that really stayed with me while Sunil who plays the racist brother of Deepti does a commendable job. It is the aching South love story and the role of Harsha that seeped into my soul. Every hanuman requires a Jamba one for success. Yesu played by Harsha is precise that for Jay Krishna, his comic timing investment in the life of his best friend and the ability to put his life on the line, knowing very well how the cards are stacked against his best friend will make you wish for a companion like him in your real life. 


The chemistry and individual performances of Suhas and Chandi really are the highlight of this film. Jai Krishna's instinct to worship Deepti at first glances. His bewilderment at the fact that his love can even be reciprocated. His apologetic attitude even when a loving relationship has been established. All of it really melts your heart. I couldn't help myself and the wonder that if this film had released in theatres the reaction by the masses would have been a sight to witness. It made me also reminisce my college days where I was consumed by whether I will cross paths with a girl I fancied, almost preparing my ice breaker. My outfit 👦 that's different than it never works out the way you pictured. Rightly pointed out by the heroin this film stating - "I imagined the sand sea and wind and all I have here is the dirt and abuse stop".  Jay Krishna melting at the sight of Deepti from a distance just reaching out to him or wearing sunglasses only to level the playing field of her fair skin is other moments of magic that would have led to such beautiful reactions from a group viewing experiences. Suhas breaking down looking at himself in the mirror as he vigorously rubs a fairness cream on his face stormy in knowing very well. The undeniable experience of many in the superficial society we live in today. Color Photo is a representation of dreams of ordinary people just like you and me who are empowered because of your support and can finally reach for the stars because of what they said resonated with many of you. They built an audience from the grounding only to see their faces in a feature film to present something beyond just entertainment, to communicate the original purpose of cinema anyway. Color Photo is a step in the right direction not just to set an example for Bollywood that this genre if done right can excel but even for Telugu cinema that has had its fair share of problems as well. In portraying romantic stories both from point of view of consent and the obsession with archaic beauty standards. Color Photo is much more than an ordinary love story and that is why I would highly recommend you check it out on the aha app. It will truly impact you deeply and that was a review guy write down in the comments below what you thought about the movie please do not forget to follow me on Instagram the handles right in front of you. Please support us by smashing the like/share/react button and subscribing to our channel for weekly content ahead thank you for reading.

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