Netflix Serious Men Movie Review


 Netflix Serious Men Movie Review


The moment Ayan Mani is ridiculed and shouted at by his boss only for him to say the lines - "Yeh arrogance main bhul Gaya, IQ aur social status main koi connection nehi hain." I knew that the Indian audience has to watch this remarkable film. The "Serious Man" directed by Sudheer Mishra who I became a fan of especially after "Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi" (2005) is based on the book by Manu Joseph. Serious parents are a satirical and hilarious take on what we know society's today. From the perspective of Ayan Mani played Nawazuddin Siddique, considering himself to be of the 2G generation that only in retrospect understood the importance of education has aspirations to make sure his offspring does not have to deal with the same roadblocks and disdain with which he experienced life. His observations of the people that pass him by on a daily basis on the journey with his son Adi played by  Aakshath Das that consume his being a relentless pursuit of some form of notoriety in a society that does not beat an eyelid on his existence forms the crux of the film. Shedding light on how every action of society be innovators politicians or even the common man working for survival are looking after their own motives. Here's me describing you Netflix Serious Men Movie Review and the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this film is worth your time on Netflix or not. 

Serious Men (2020)
Cast & Crew

Director: Sudhir Mishra
Writers:  Manu Joseph (Based on the book by) | Niren Bhatt (Additional Screenplay)

Nawazuddin Siddiqui           as         Ayyan
Indira Tiwari                         as         Oja Mani
Aakshath Das                        as         Adi Mani
Shweta Basu Prasad             as         Aparna
Sanjay Narvekar                   as         Keshav Dhavre
Nassar                                    as          Dr Acharya

The Underwhelming Aspects 

Fleshing Out, Supporting Characters And Subplots - this is not necessarily a flaw in the film but I wanted to make sure I covered thoughts of purists who might be huge fans of the source material. For anyone who has read Manu Joseph's books you would know his unapologetic take on the people and society in general. Especially the descriptive nature of his writing something that readers praised immensely. Now whenever a book is being adapted into a film it of course in the process has to transition to become a cohesive more importantly engaging film this, in turn, leads to many changes therefore if you have read the book you might in several instances feel that the film did not flesh out the character or relationships enough that also was integral in various plot point. Some of the characters who have to provide a context in the book in regards to who they are and where they come from just seem to be a part of the world in the film without dwelling deep into their individual stories unlike the book while purists might nitpicky about the several changes made to the adaptations I have to say that the editing plot changes, as well as the visual treatment, is spot-on for it not only to be entertaining but a thought-provoking watch for both the fans of the book and just people tuning in for the film. 


The Good 

The Dialogues - the writing is one of the strongest qualities of this film. It both has this natural quality which you would assume is how characters would interact with one another and actually has gems of wisdom also through Nawazuddin Siddiqui' so observational take on society and its elements, Writers  Niren BhattAbhishek Kuman, Bhavesh Mandaliya and Nikhil Nair has done a phenomenal job through this film. Nawazuddin Siddiqui character who works in the national institute of fundamental research as the secretary of scientist hilariously describes how scientists spend loads of money only to come to the conclusion that man knows nothing while there seem to be scientific breakthroughs in understanding the origin of mankind politicians seem to nod and pretend to understand what the innovators are talking about while Nawazuddin's character seeks for some favours from the politicians that have used they as a marketing tool and are a bit hesitant Nawazuddin points out -" logo ko mandir masjid Se Phadak Padta hai, Science institute main kya ho Raha use nehi." without revealing too much of the several gems in the film you will realize that the writing is one aspect that stands out and stays with you. Attention To Detail -  the first frame itself hilariously opens with the song "Raat hai Kala Chata" providing you context to the lives of majority Indians who figure out a way to exist in this organized chaos. What fascinated me the most was the attention to detail also visually captured by cinematographer Alexander Surkala. The contrast of the high rises and the densely populated trolls as Nawazuddin's character contemplates the irreversible damage he may have caused. The sequence in which Nawazuddin's writing a letter of paternity leave to take care of his wife only to constantly refer to the dictionary-making sure he maxes out in showing off his vocabulary. The film captures the lives of blue-collar workers who are ridiculed and told when to give their perspective. The lack acknowledgement of their shared existence beautifully captured with the aimless gaze of Nawazuddin or my favourite of the film, pretending to be on a call passing orders in English as he passes through the security of a five-star hotel to legitimize that he belongs there. You will find several sequences of human nature that will make you self-reflect or even reminisce moments that you have observed or experienced. 

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Serious Men (2020) - IMDb
 Rating: 7.4/10


The star cast of the film is brilliant in every shape and form. Nassar as Acharya, Nawazuddin's boss and a scientist seeking for alien microbes in the stratosphere embodies the prejudice and natural disdain he has mediocrity with ease, Indira Tiwari is Oja Mani the loyal but no-nonsense wife of seeing as it is is a casting decision that I absolutely love. She brings forth the groundedness necessary in Ayan's life and Indira truly is effortless in every way. She does not require a lavish lifestyle or materialistic things she trusts her husband blindly but calls out what she finds problematic instantly. Shweta Basu Prasad and Sanjay Narvikar as a politician father-daughter duo that exploits the fascinating wonder kid Adi for their capitalist motives while not being totally fleshed out lent convincing performance. It's Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Aakshath Das is the father-son duo that are the stars of the show. Before I get to Nawazuddin Siddiqui the child actor as Adi provides a perfect balance between being oblivious of the meaning of all the attention he is getting and the urge to make his father proud. His dramatic moments never developed to become overbearing in any way while mouthing lines like I am wondering about photosynthesis in math class and shouting he doesn't have time primitive minds Aakshath is spectacular in this film. Commentary On Society - the pure gold statements of society through this film will resonate the most with you. A  brilliant take on what we are surrounded by are all marketing tactics to lure the general and gullible public. Politicians with their schemes, journalists with their code of ethics, scientists were their leaps in innovation, advertisements of products and services are only a means to grab hold of the attention of impressionable Public. A secretary like Ayan that gets the opportunity to be a keen observer of people from the different status of society provides a bird's-eye view on the hypocrisy and the fake garb that humans put to seem well put and sorted out. He provides a pragmatic and realistic observation unlike the starry gaze of the common man of the pearly gates where they are not welcome. He not only observes people and their preconceived notions and biases but exposes it in front of them in a hilarious the scene where admissions officers are curious where he stands according to his surname. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has honestly, honestly am saying this has outdone himself in this film. his tough exterior, his relentless pursuit to change his fate, especially of his son for a brighter tomorrow begs the question but at "what cost" this I honestly feel is the transition of an actor like Nawazuddin who has become a star now, a bonafide star who possesses all the tricks of the artform to carry a film on his shoulders, Serious Man is worth your time and money totally, for the acting performances, for the inventive writing, for the thought-provoking take on our society and most importantly, for the sake of cinema. You can watch the movie on Netflix and that was the review guys. Write down in the comments below what you thought about the movie please do not forget to follow me on Instagram, the handles right in front of you. Follow us on MovieShowReview on our Facebook page. Please support us by smashing the like/share/react button and subscribing to our channel for weekly content ahead thank you for studying.


Serious Men | 2nd Oct | Official Trailer | Nawazuddin Siddiqui, M. Nasser, Sudhir Mishra | Netflix


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