Netflix Movie Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review


 Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review


When an individual is obsessed with films and can visibly see the upward trajectory of any actor especially when it has humble beginnings you get a sense of pride for identifying the potential of the talent. Ginny Weds Sunny presents Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam in the commercial romantic comedy. Both actors that have transitioned from television roles and have proven themselves that they can assimilate and belong in the big leagues, only on the basis of their talent. Ginny Weds Sunny focuses on the aspiration of Sunny to get married in order for him to get the green light to open his own restaurant. When the possibility of marrying Ginny gets brought up by the family, a girl Sunny had a crush on since school the plot develops into Ginny's mother taking matters into her own hands to make sure he takes all the necessary steps in order to go to her. What basically the mother of the girl is what Shahrukh Khan is to Saif Ali Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho (2003) so that Pretty Zinta can fall in love with him what transpires beyond this include ex-boyfriends pressurizing parents and a lot of confusion. Basically, every commercial cinema trope you can think of. Here's me describing you Netflix Movie Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review and will tell you the good and bad aspects of the film and no particular order so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this film is worth your time on Netflix or not. 

Ginny Weds Sunny (2020)
Cast & Crew

Vikrant Massey as Sunny
Yami Gautam as Ginny
Rajiv Gupta as  Pappi Sethi
Suhail Nayyar as Nishant Rathee
Ayesha Raza as Shobha Juneja

Unoriginal Music 

Here we go again -  a film being a commercial care free Bollywood movie is still inundated with remix after remix. The lol song while musically might be a great dance number but knowing it is a remake or new take of the original song Jindmahi, it absolutely falters in comparison to match up to the magic of the original song. While I'm a huge fan of Jubin Nautial especially his songs from Fitoor (2016) and Kabir Singh (2020). His song Fir Chala only stands out as the saving grace of the album. Rubaru sung by Kamal Khan comes a close second. There can't be a commercial Bollywood movie without Neha Kakkar and Baadshah and well they join hands with Mika for the remake of Savan Mein Lag Gayi Aag which hilariously just got remade by another movie that still hasn't released called Indu Ki Jawani how two different music labels remake the same song releasing so close to one another is beyond me. Irrespective Baadshah sings the lines, Tik-Tok pe Duniya tune Piche Laga Rakhi Hain would rather want to forget about such mind-numbing poetry. The Delhi NCR vibe what I love about the film is that it captures the essence of how eccentric and connected a lot of families are in the upper-middle class Delhi NCR region. The film is majorly shot in Delhi-Noida and Ghaziabad and I have to say that it seemed like every character belongs to the world that was created. The overbearing parents constantly seeking for matches for their children, how the fathers disappear for Karobars and wedding functions, the entitlement of children, especially sons that develops into delusion regarding wealth and where they stand, with the characters and circumstances they are placed in you will find flashes especially if you've grown up in the Delhi NCR region of the experiences and interactions you see on a daily basis. 

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Commercial Tropes 

One of the biggest pet peeves regarding Bollywood commercial films are that the creators don't allow solely for the dialogues to have an impact on audiences. It relies on background music and sound effects for each moment so heavily that most of the scenes start having the same sensibility as well as a cinematic treatment like Tarak Mehta. From a piece of Punjabi rhythmic Bhangra music to sound effects like "Toing", "oh ho" and "oh yeah". It reminded me of when Saif and Rajpal Yadav switched houses in Kal Ho Na Ho (2003). Only for the background song to go Galat Ghar. The overuse of the background sound and effects come across as an overcompensation to the average writing. Also, you will see a template throughout the film, features that you have seen in every other commercial Bollywood comedy which makes the movie nothing unique from the arranged marriage, drawing-room scene, the wedding function, the random trip somewhere and finally to a destination wedding these are all features you have seen the countless number of times even from a storyboard perspective. 

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The Supporting Cast 

Includes veterans in the game who can not put a foot wrong in any world, they are cast in. Rajiv Gupta has created a reputation for himself of being the light-hearted and sarcastic father in most films. His performance supersedes the cheese diet jokes that he has handed over and it is a great example of what an actor can do even with not so great material. Another actor who is in countless films and has done a phenomenal job each time is Aisha Raza as Ginny's mother. She is overbearing pragmatic and reflects the nature of many Indian parents who have the best interest of their children and mind but falter many times in its problematic execution. Sadly Isha Talwar is absolutely wasted in the film. She is one of my favourites. It is Sohail Nair as Nishant that stands out as the show-stealer in this movie. He as the privileged uninformed Rich Haryanavi Jhat that looks past the Dhaba and recommends Radisson for food has not only the best dialogues of the film but the best delivery as well. His tape recorder dialogue of teen bate the possessiveness of his beemer or when he hilariously shoves away a random romantic interest and calls him Chhota Bheem

Ginny Weds Sunny (2020) - IMDb
Rating: 6.2/10

Disjointed Writing 

The most problematic part about the movie is that it is rather all over the place when it comes to its writing. Because it does not cater to the story but rather jarringly just sets up scenes for product placements and music videos. From praising Haldiram in one sequence to set up an upcoming song with the dialogue - "are woh to bahut bade fan hain Baadhshah aur Mika ki, concert hain na, wo magic moments wala." One dialogue goes - "Aare year manyabar ka Bangala pahnunga". It's gone and not even creative moments while this is one quality you can get over its social context to is a bit problematic. The main characters coax to follow the girl constantly in order to wish that she eventually will fall in love with her. The fact that they were in the same school I guess makes it a little less creepy found that the film tethers between stalking and persistence being neither here nor there and get away with it. A balance of being just right in between of what women may find creepy or what they will find charming. Even when the film gets to its emotional paths its characters are never really fleshed out. For us to get to know them. Its impact over hits you deeply but I guess that was the point of the film for it to be a breezy experience. 


Vikrant and Yami 

Despite the material which is above average at best it was so refreshing to see Vikrant Massey be a commercial Bollywood hero for a chance. For him to shake a leg deliver cheesy dialogue and do some comedy an actor that we have seen constantly dramatic roles finally get to chill out for a change. You have seen similar characters the trope of an entitled son from Delhi altered by Ayushman Khurana but Massey lends his own charm to the film even though his character is very inconsistently written at one moment liberal and free-spirited in another ranting and livid about a girl smoking ganja. Holistically Vikrant does a good job I've been a fan of Yami Gautam's work and she finally in the masses perception was accepted for her craft with Bala. She provides a great sense of realism sensitivity to her role as Ginny. It's lovely to see a girl in a commercial Bollywood comedy with agency and who calls out she is not comfortable with instantly. Sadly Ginny Weds Sunny turns out to be what I expected. Lost in the catalogue of the innumerable breezy carefree rom-coms you will find on the NetFlix platform. It is one of those films you click on a lazy afternoon when you don't want to ponder over much. It's a slow journey for Vikrant in the commercial space. I hope this does not compel him to sign many other films that get easily forgotten. It definitely deserved better than this and that was a Netflix Movie Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review guys, write down in the comments below what you thought about the movie please do not forget to follow me on Instagram the handles are in front of. Also, you can follow us on our Facebook page MovieShowReview, please support us by smashing the like/share/react button and subscribing to our channel for weekly content ahead thank you for reading. Take 💗. Good Bye.

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