Netflix Extraction Full Movie Review

  Netflix Extraction Full Movie Review

The much-awaited Netflix film Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth and the lead role is here. The movie had me really excited for several reasons the stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave who is worked in films like Endgame, Infinity War, Ragnarok and Atomic Blonde gets to sit in the director's chair and creates an action film. Produces the most popular MCU films back this project. The film features some of the most talented Hindi film industry stars including Randeep Hooda and Pankaj Tripathi. I mean what's that and I'll get excited about. The film which is based on the graphic novel CIUDAD written by Andy Parkes focuses on Tyler, a black market mercenary who takes up the cause of rescuing the son of an imprisoned drug lord from Dhaka and bring him back to India but how several factions including enemies, competitors, weapon, dealers and the police won their piece of the pie by holding the child ransom, mainly following orders for price leads to Rick's mission getting 10 times more difficult. Here's me describing you Netflix Extraction Full movie Review and will tell you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this movie is worth your time on Netflix or not. 

Extraction (2020) Cast

Director  -  Sam Hargrave

Chris Hemsworth     as    Tyler Rake

Bryon Leroy            as   Rake's Son

Shiva Vic hare         as   Sachem

Rudraksha Jaiswal  as  Ovi Mahajan

Piyush Khati            as   Arjun

Sara Rumao             as   Cute Girl

Ran deep Hood        as   Soju


The Underwhelming Aspects Of 

The human story and pumping the brakes so whenever it comes to a pretty straightforward action film many creators tend to create a backstory for the lead characters so their audiences can empathize with the characters and ultimately root for them. If I site examples of badass action films in India Force (2011), the motivating factor for the leads to the death of his wife and Rocky Handsome (2016) is the pure and honest relationship he shares with a young girl. So due to the ghastly acts committed against the hero, we won the main characters to win. The point is that through Extraction it gets its point across of what we eventually, strive for in the end. That the child gets rescued but the creator's take the decision of pumping the brakes on the exhilarating screenplay an action to make you get to know who is Ovie and Tylerache. We get to know about the opulence in which he lives but the loveless relationship he shares with his father and flashbacks of what-ifs for Tyler pertaining to his family. Where the intentions of the creators to make us know the main characters is sincere it doesn't really do anything for the viewer's experience in the grand scheme of things other than provide a breather to the badass action we saw in the first hour of the firm. 

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The Good 

Cinematography - the camera work colour palette and the way the city is captured in order to carry out the Extraction will make you appreciate the technical brilliance of this film. The film is a great example of how even with a simple story if you have the most capable individuals behind the camera it always turns into cinematic gold. Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel has done a phenomenal job in capturing the sense of anarchy that Tyler ask has to deal within Dhaka. The film presents an extremely saturated colour palette, something similar to the way Black Hawk Down is visually presented. There is literally no time for a breather and that makes the viewing experience ten times more exciting. It is, however, the juxtaposition of the impeccable camerawork and the action sequences that actually is the film's most impressive quality which I will elaborate on more later. 



The biggest gripe that I have had with international films especially when they are set in southeast Asia is the portrayal of the characters and their surroundings. So I was initially sceptical when I got to know the graphic novel CIUDAD is getting transported from South America to Southeast Asia but I have to commend the creators for brilliantly capturing the performances of Indians as well as Bangladeshis. You also have to realize this is coming from a brown guy who wants to see badasses in an international action thriller and not caricatures like outsourced that have been fed in the international public. This is a breath of fresh air the characterization is not over-the-top it's not gimmicky in any way and it actually comes across as a legitimate representation of what would happen if two warring drug lords were in constant conflict with each other. The sense of organized chaos in the streets of Dhaka as the Extraction is taking place is the perfect backdrop for the mission at hand. 

Extraction (2020) 
IMDb Rating: 6.7/10 


The Performance 

is an aspect of the film that cannot be criticized according to tome other performances by the entire cast even though Pankaj Tripathi has a small appearance in this movie as the drug lord from Mumbai whose son movie gets kidnapped in that small sequence itself the man creates his magic. What an actor man...!!😍😍 David  Harbour and Priyanshu Painyuli for the limited time that they appear on the screen do a commendable job with the written material. Rudraksha Jaishwal will be making sense of all the madness around him tries his best in all the twists and turns and the incessant running away from danger even though it's a bit off-putting at times to listen to the accent coming out of nowhere for a boy growing up in Mumbai struggling to shout Hindi the boy genuinely looks petrified in gazed at the predicament that he finds himself in. The stars of the show undoubtedly Randeep Hooda is a Jew and prisons were the stylers. He possessed the body language and demeanour that is perfect for soldiers and mercenaries respectively that are going to complete the mission at hand. The combats sequences that they share against each other and the several elements they try to eliminate so that movie makes it safely back home is simply captivating which brings me to the film strongest quality. 


Action Sequences 

this is precisely the product that you would get. When capable action and stunt coordinator gets to sit on the director's chair. This movie is a treat for the action fan. It is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish whatsoever. It's glory, it's bloody and it's extremely entertaining. The film also with its grand scale possesses a sense of realism as the lead actors constantly get wounded on the brink of barely functioning. There are long shots with zero cuts so that the film can create an immersive experience of you following the characters through the alleys and the small apartment buildings in Dhaka. The combination of hand-to-hand combat with close to far range shooting is intricately designed. It's like the last sequence of Rocky Handsome on steroids just that it carries on throughout the film. New sequences will specifically stand out for you in this film which includes Chris Hemsworth's character in a car chase sequence and moving through an apartment building with Ovie only to get surprised at each corner intern and do I want to conclude by saying that this film is a very simple action film at least from a story point of view. But how simple concept can get elevated with the way it is showcased a brilliant combination of intricate camerawork and convoluted yet well planned out action choreography creates a visual experience that is really worth your time. Watch this for Chris Hemsworth and the Randeep Hooda honestly just being badasses on screen. It's enjoyable, it's bloody and despite pumping the brakes in the middle. It catches up to showcase what initially got you invested - more blood and more combat and that was the Netflix Extraction Full Movie Review guys writedown in the comments below what you thought about Extraction. Please do not forget to follow me on Instagram the handles are in front of you.  Follow us on our Facebook page MovieShowReview. Also please support by smashing the like /share/react button and subscribing to our blog for weekly content ahead thank you for reading.

Chris Hemsworth stunt double
It is coming to know Chris Hemsworth is using for his stunt another man namely Bobby Holland Hanton.

Extraction | Official Trailer | Screenplay by JOE RUSSO Directed by SAM HARGRAVE | Netflix

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