Amazon Prime Nishabdham Movie Review


 Amazon Prime Nishabdham Movie Review


The first of the many releases this weekend was the Telugu thriller starring Anushka Shetty and R. Madhwan in lead roles titled Nishabdham or Silence directed by Hemant Madhukar. The film's first look really intrigued audiences believing that we are in for an interesting thriller. While there were parallels created with movies like Hush which has been remade in Hindi cinema in the form of Khamoshi. I have to say that Nishabdam has nothing to do with both these films. Other than the fact that it has a mute and deaf protagonist. The film focuses on a mysterious haunted house with a dark history and an investigation of a missing person while exploring the various relationships and origin stories of the characters in this world created by Hemant Madhukar. The film is presented from the perspective of Mahaa crime detective coming to the bottom of the convoluted case the more I say it will lead to several spoilers with respect to the storyline. So I'm gonna describe you the amazon prime Nishabdham Review and let's just get into the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this movie is worth your time on Amazon Prime Video or not. 

Nishabdham (2020)
Cast & Crew

      Directed By Hemant Madhukar. Written by Hemant Madhukar  & Kona Venkat

        Madhavan as Antony 
       Anushka Shetty  as  Sakshi
         Anjali as  Maha
         Michael Madsen  as  Richard Dickens
         Subbaraju  as Vivek
         Shalini Pandey  as  Sonali

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The Good 

Sound Design And Background Music - while the music otherwise created by Gopi Sunder unnecessarily stretches the narrative of the film that will exhaust the viewer's a horrible reaction for any thriller. It is the sound design and especially the background score composed by Girish Gopalakrishnan that stand out in this otherwise lacklustre film. There is a use of spooky whispers wailing noises a deeply melancholic cello playing in the background that builds up the tension, in the scene while these fit the tropes of what works in order to develop anxiety for the jumpscare effectively works well in the movie. It also in moments presents the perspective of the protagonist and her senses compared to the rest of the world through sound which is a clever technical take by the director. While I appreciated Spaniel Deo cinematography in moments the choppy editing of the film completely ruined. The otherwise cinematic attempts at capturing points of conflict. R. Madhwan and Anushka but I'm being kind of film has some extremely odd performances that will not be memorable in days to come. I don't want to be rude about any of the actors because they have proven themselves in other films but all of them just seem visibly out of place in this weird universe created. I believe it has more to do with the underwhelming written material than the capability of the actors. Irrespective I generally like the development of the relationship between Anthony and Sakshi played by Madhwan and Anushka.They share playful banter between each other that slowly develops into a deep fondness that stands out due to the chemistry between the two actors but honestly, no one's going to be fondly remembering this appearance for both Madhavan and Anushka let's get to the nitty-gritty of it now. 


The Bad 

Predictable And Slow Development - the film solely functions in chronological order. It provides context for each character and situation almost as if spoon-feeding you the story so that you can predict the big reveals from a mile away. The sad reality of the film also is that it spends so much time in developing relationships with songs of contemplation and romance, the film does everything but in the process become a jack of all trades and a master of none. For every sequence that would develop intrigue regarding the case the creators in an amateur manner resort to flashbacks as characters go into storytelling mode. This completely disconnects the viewer through several moments in the film to care for the case. A deeply problematic issue for any thriller as the creators reach from point A to point B but waste a lot of time on the journey. 

Nishabdham (2020) - IMDb
 Rating: 4.5/10

Horrible Dubbing And Awkward Performance - the most jarring quality of the film is its dubbing which sticks out like a sore thumb and this is especially for the case of the extras in the film which mainly consists of Americans. The dubbing is extremely robotic and out of sync to the movement of the mouth of the characters. Several journalists are showcase presenting the news of the case but while they are saying something visually the dialogue seemed to be completely out of sync. Shalini Pandey Sonali for no fault of hers plays an extremely clingy almost annoying characters whose antics will definitely give you a headache. This has more to do with the lack of character development through the writing and less to do with Shalini but this appearance was definitely an unforgettable one. It's Michael Matson as Richard Dawkins the cop that pulls forth the laziest performance I have seen in recent times. While his dubbed voice completely lends a fake tone to his performance almost seeming like someone else is only talking. It's his demeanour and body language that makes it an extremely tiresome performance. He mostly lights his cigarettes and breaks furniture throughout the film and is completely physically inept inaction sequences, actually seemed like some of Dharmendra's 90s movies where you knew the legend couldn't get his hands dirty with the bad guys so they just edit around the actor. Totally unconvincingly and highly forgettable is all the adjectives I can think about his performance. 
Random Editing And Dispersed Focus - the problem with the film is that it tries to do everything and in the process loses focus on what the film was original about by doing so the film becomes this odd multi-genre the film which has horror elements initially, develops into a crime thriller only to transition to romance with music and even adds a bit of comedy for the sake of it. Through several moments you begin to wonder why characters interact with one another what's the point of this sequence, does this develop into actually exploring the case more. The editing of the film is all over the place, a romantic song would appear, jump cut to the case revelation and back to the romance again. The case is finally gaining some kind of shape and it would cut to a kid complaining about being fed Idlis every day. The detective gets cornered by aggressive dogs only to casually move forward with the storyline as if nothing happened. 


Writing And Unintentionally Funny Moments - it is the dialogues of the film that caused laughter amongst the viewers. In the most intense sequences throughout the film. The movie in the first five-minute snatches holds of your attention to provide you with the context of history only to eventually never explore it, bumming you out because it was one of the subplots that actually interested youth. The supposed experience crime detectives handle cases in the worst way possible often making you chuckle with embarrassment, evidence at the scene of the crime is randomly being kicked around, a crime specialist takes evidence with her bare hands-only to hand it over to a man with gloves, an interrogator says something in Telugu or Tamil depending on which version you saw and the American somehow understand and laugh together at the statement. The crime the detective knows the protagonist is deaf but shouts her name expecting her to react. She is a deaf dude. the worst of the lord someone is murdered while tons of police officials are at the scene and someone shouts call 911. I have to tell you that this is sadly another acquisition by Amazon Prime Video that developed a lot of interest looked good on paper but sadly has disappointed in every shape and form. In the last quarter of the film, the movie transitions to an odd punk rock the song with the chorus why why why. My thoughts exactly about the film and that was an Amazon Prime Nishabdham Review guys write down the comments below what you thought about the movie, please don't forget to follow me on Instagram the handles right in front of you follow us at Facebook and please support us by smashing the like/share/react button and subscribing to our blog for weekly content ahead thank you for reading.

Nishabdham - Official Trailer (Telugu) | R Madhavan, 
Anushka Shetty | Amazon Original Movie | Oct 2

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