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  Horror Web series Betaal Review on Netflix 


Betaal is a Netflix horror web series that is co-produced by Red Chillies Entertainment AKA Shahrukh Khan and has had audiences especially horror fans extremely excited. Lately, horror fans have not really had Indian content to celebrate from underwhelming projects or Bollywood horror movies like a "Bhooth" and "Pari", "Tumbbad" being the last impression and an original horror film that surprised and terrified audiences. Betaal focuses on a counter-insurgency squad that gets hired to clear out an ancient tribal population for an industrial project, not knowing in the process that they activate a curse that unleashes an army of zombies from the British East India Company the web series is presented in a four episode format talking about the story of the series it has also been accused of copyright infringement by Marathi screenwriter Sameer and Mahesh who said that the screenplay has unavoidable similarities to des on the screenplay called Betaal. That beyond this mess it was refreshing to see a narrative of zombies within Indian history narrative as in the case of Indian film history zombies being only the prime focus for a comedy like Go-Goa-Gone and a below-average at through a Tamil film like Miruthon getting into whether the Netflix series Betaal is worth your time or not here is MovieShowReview with the good and bad aspects of the series. 

The Underwhelming Aspects - Minor Details 

I would like to slightly brush upon a few things that came across as uncomfortable to watch.  Mind you. I could only find a few details problematic about this unique and most importantly exciting horror series. No. 1-  in order for us to get introduced to the world, we get a narrative that the counterinsurgency squad is being hired to do the dirty work of extracting a tribal population presented to the public as Naxals but the series shows glimpses of a news discussion which showcases generic dialogue such as why don't you go to Pakistan and with annoying news the anchor which has become a staple these days in movies and shows. The repetitive nature of the same buzzwords of the social climate of the country today is getting exhausting. Number  2 - Jitendra Joshi  plays Modulban and he does a spectacular job he's a money-hungry pompous an insensitive prick that only looks at his ulterior motives, the man is presented as a full-on villain with absolutely no redeeming quality while other characters are presented with layers points of contention as they find themselves in a terrible situation this character this seems like a sociopathic villain even while he's surrounded by zombies trying to weasel his way out. Jitendra brilliantly performs a character but the dude comes across is just evil, just because he's motivated by money lastly there are moments where the characters are focused so that they can deliver their punchline. Sometimes however these dialogues just seem a bit odd for the moment while shooting the zombies one of the officers says "ye le Bhagat Singh ke lie" and just before firing hundreds of the undead one character says "ab Hoga heart breaks" it these moments are few and far between but I had to mention them as what stuck out as rather unpalatable.

The Good Structure 

The series is presented as four episodes and the build-up is a thriller and horror Gold. The creators especially writers Patrick Grey Hammonds for Hani convert need to be appreciated for sucking you in as the episodes progress. The episodes are immaculately structured - the first episode focuses on the disastrous step that the counterinsurgency squad has taken clearly an order influenced by money independent from the trials and tribulations of the tribal community. The second episode builds on the effect of the attacks of the undead and the counterinsurgency squad coming to terms with who is their real enemy. The third and fourth episode fittingly explores the legend myth and folklore surrounding the army of zombies. The motivation for their attacks and the exit strategy and subsequent dire consequences to the can of worms they have unknowingly opened. It's any thriller and horror fans treat to watch this series. 

Cinematography And Sound Design 

The web series is brilliantly shot and captured by cinematographer Shrinivas Achary and Tanay Satam the visual representation is extremely bleak on the opposite spectrum of saturated and constantly covered with cloudy skies the creators Pauline tended to transport you to the dire circumstances the squad willingly became participants off.  Another spectacular feature of the series is the sound design by Ankita Purkayastha. Many horror films have the tendency to really breathe background music to compensate for the lack of dialogue as characters are moving but the series perfectly hits the note of when the impact of the audio medium should be utilized to have that desired effect whether it's lingering anxiety among the group and eventual jump-scare or a warning by an infected soldier. The music brilliantly accompanies the series as one of its strongest qualities. The premise -  okay I can't comment on the case that is still ongoing regarding the show but I can only judge from what I saw and my God guys it is exactly what we have Indian content buffs crave and need right now I, you and all of constantly keep on complaining about no new concept shows or movies coming in the market and why don't we look into our own history folklore and mythology to tell stories and this show exactly delivers that and I think you will thoroughly enjoy it especially if you're fans of the horror and thriller genre. Just listen to the pitch counterinsurgency squad gets sent in to do the dirty work of removing an ancient tribal group so that an industrial project can be set up. False promises of a better and developed world in the future, the armed squad breaks the curse the tribals were protected for their sake leading to the history of the Indian the rebellion of 1857 unfolding and the undead causing absolute havoc. I haven't even got into it as that you have to witness on Netflix because it's intricate detailing about the history and mysticism around the undead mainly enjoyed the series ten times more. 


The Cast And The Vision 

Vineeth Kumar Singh is a bonafide star man, he leads the way in the series as victim zero he and he does a phenomenal job an ideal soldier that is extremely able and brave. From the supporting cast so Suchithra Pillai as Commander Tyagi does a commendable job even though sometimes her demonic presence became caricaturist her role as a commander in charge was convincing. Jatin Goswami as Akbar / and Ahwana Kumar as Ahluwalia brilliant as well. Siddharth Menon as now their Huck the rookie on his first a mission that gets adversely affected and eventually infected as you saw in the trailer especially after the gruesome act was for the horrifying performance. His sequence was one of the biggest highlights. My favourite performer in the show, however, was Mungeri as Punyna a part of the tribal community that is well versed with the legend and the impending attack. She is confident and straight-up badass in the series. I'm telling you guys other than the very technical and minor bumps in the series this is what horror fans in India are craving for captivating stories rooted in the country taking influence from our own history and folklore. Respected Netflix and Shahrukh Khan backing such a unique project and presenting us a community of filmy buffs who love thrillers and horrors by the way with something simply awesome. I highly recommend you watch the series. The way they captured the end of the series had my mind blown and that was a review guys, write down in the comment below what you thought about the show please don't forget to follow us Facebook, also please support us by smashing the react and share button and subscribing to our channel for weekly content ahead thank you for reading.

Betaal Official Trailer | Vineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai | 24 May | Netflix India

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