Mx Player Ashram Web Series Review

 MX Player Web Series Aashram Review


The much talked about anticipated and embroidered and controversy piece of work starring Bobby Deol in the lead role was the MX Player web series Aashram, the series directed by Prakash Jha written by Habib Faisal. Ashram web series story is set in the cities of AyodhyaFaizabad and Gonda in the states of Uttar Pradesh and focuses on the increasing influence and power of Baba Nirala played by Bobby Deol a revered self-proclaimed Godman that with his multiple charities and benevolence has become extremely popular with the masses. while his stature and fan following provides the purpose of living for some especially common and naive folk others which include politicians and the police force are cautious of his rising popularity while an old case resurfaces of a body being found of a missing girl several factions work in regards to safeguarding their interests in leveraging their personal agenda at the time of chaos this leads to several secrets of political parties businessmen the police force and especially the Aashram and the revered Godman come in the forefront. The Prakash Jha's MX Player web series through its characters sheds light on several contentious issues like corruption, social labels in society, the regressive caste system, the hollow nature of marketing and blind-faith in society and its ramifications. Here are we telling you the good and bad aspects of MX Player web series Aashram review in no particular order so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this web series is worth your time or not. 

Ashram Web Series Cast Name 

  • Bobby Deol -  Kashipur waale Baba Nirala
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal  - Bhopa Swami
  • Darshan Kumaar - Ujagar Singh
  • Vikram Kochhar  - Sadhu
  • Anupriya Goenka - Dr Natasha
  • Aditi Sudhir Pohankar  - Pammi

Length and stretch narrative 

It's important to know that the ashram web series total episodes are 9 (episodes long) and close to 8 hours in length. Each episode in its duration ranges from 45 to 53 minutes. This often leads to the screenplay spending more time in setting up the world in which the web series is based in which in moments you will find justified in order to develop empathy for the characters but often through several sequences provides a sense of lethargy in storytelling. The stretched narrative is also not just because of the time placed in setup but the series forces you to be a spectator of various rituals and sermons while these sequences provide context to the way the Aashram functions because you know the nature of the characters and their real intentions a lot of the celebrations and processes of the Aashram take the space of majority of the episodes. Furthermore, there are many subplots of romantic storylines and lovemaking during crisis situations that don't blend in progressing the storyline. The series is a crime thriller essentially and it often takes time to get into the thick of things which might lead to a case of impatient viewing for audiences if the editing was a little more ruthless. The impact in storytelling according to me would have been far greater. 

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The grand scale and production 

what struck me the most about this web series is the grand scale in which it is presented. When you look at each frame of the web series you will realize the monumental investment that may have been made to produce this series. It is undeniable that the series is visually spectacular. Each frame possesses such vibrant colours and attractive costumes that you can't help but appreciate the thought and efforts gone in making sure each frame sets the tone. The cinematography by Chandan Kohli needs to be appreciated for capturing the essence of the series. There are several frames where there are hundreds of extras often in those sequences existing many moving elements and the production management precisely for this deserves all the praise. 


Visual effects and dubbing

What you will definitely notice in the web series is there are so many extras and sequences especially based in the Aashram as well as the political meetings this often leads to a very generic voice over for the actors where the extras actually end up sounding like versions of the same person who has been instructed to do the dubbing of every nameless character in the series. These supporting characters have random one lines of scenes but these voices often don't match to exactly what and the timing in which they are seeing it. While the series is beautifully lit often providing such a high definition viewing experience that you can notice each blemish in a scene. The visual effects, especially of the combat sequences, stick out like a sore thumb when huge crowds are bashing individuals you can clearly notice the extras punching the air. There is one sequence, especially that stands out of an assassination leading to the bloodshed that is unintentionally funny for its embarrassing blood splattering and off-note gun sound. The talented cast -  it is without a doubt that the series possesses a huge ensemble cast that is extremely talented Aditi Pohnker who you might remember from the Netflix series "She" performs exceptionally well in the series. Being a Maharashtrian and executing the role of Pummy a wrestler from UP with such ease is the clear example of the talent she possesses. Among the supporting acts that lend great support include Anupriya Goenka who by the way seems to be in every web series possible as a doctor specializing in autopsies, Tushar Pandey as the naive and gullible Sati often swayed by anyone of influence. Rajiv Siddharth as Aki a journalist seeking for truth in a state marred by corruption. Adyamann Suman in a hilarious cameo as tinker channelling his inner Tommy Singh really well and Vikram Coacher as Sadhu the loyal comrade to Darshan Kumar's character Ujagar Singh. Triddha Chaudhary one of my favourites now since Bandish Bandits even in her brief appearance is spectacular in the series. The actor possesses such confidence in front of the camera. She is a performer that is one for the future, while Bobby Deol will definitely imbibe himself in the demeanour and body language of the suspicious Godman. He isn't technically the start of the series. It is Darshan Kumar as a cop conflicted by corrupt superiors and the need to seek for justice and especially Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhopa the sharp ruthless and cunning individual who is the strength of the series. Chandan especially being the Ma Anand Sheila to Baba Nirala doing all the dirty work necessary to dissipate any room for controversy. 

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Aashram (TV Series 2020) - IMDb rating - 7.6/10


The Payoff  of  MX Player Web Series Aashram Review

The sad reality of this MX Player Web Series that even after nine episodes and over eight hours of time spent in making us fully understand the world the people and the CD practices of each faction. The series will not provide closure to the viewers in any way. From the very first frame, we assume that there will be an arc of providing a conclusion to justify the actions of an individual but the series is set up for you to expect everything in its as they like to call it to season one part two which will come out later. While I empathized understood and even got interested I was left blue bald as everything is scheduled to come out in part two of the series. The Reality Philosophy and Controversy -  not only the Godman but the series successfully does shed light on several issues regarding the caste system in our country still prevalent today where sections of society feel apologetic for their mere existence, frustrated at their state wanting change one character states -"Hum darte hain, is liye dabaye jati hain"  - the important point to understand is that the series from the onset puts out a disclaimer that it does not focus on a particular religion at all and actually just presents the sociopathic tendencies of individuals to prey on the blind faith of common folk as if in a cult. There is no specificity regarding virtues of a particular religion but actually showcases the marketing genius of com' men that prey on the weak and vulnerable. This is to shed light on individuals who do so not to showcase a religion in bad light what the series successfully has done is what the Fahad Fossil started trance did exceptionally well present an image of a man that is gifted and selfless and people will project their own emptiness by gravitating towards that larger than life figure. A character states very aptly in the series - "Log Biswas Karna Suru Karte Hain, to bar si aa jati hai". The series despite its length and dispersed focus sheds light on several social evils that need our objective attention while I was dissatisfied with the fact that I did not get closure and have to wait for the main crux to still unfold the series is definitely worth your time for the sheer scale and important points. It conveys about several issues our society still possesses. The series successfully captures the essence of the saying by Thomas Huxley. Scepticism is the highest duty and blind faith the one unpardonable sin you can watch the series on MX player and that was a review guys write down in the comments below what you thought about the series please don't forget to follow us on our Facebook page namely MovieShowReivew. Please support us by smashing the React button and subscribing to our channel for weekly content ahead thank you for reading.

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