Parasite Movie Review

   Parasite Movie Review


Parasite movie review

When we come to Oscar, we always name the "Parasite movie", popularity gaining movie. I loved understatements what can I say. Parasite movie needs no introduction from me. The Oscar wins a Parasite movie it won best Original The screenplay, Bong Joon-Ho the director won "Best Foreign Language" Film and "Best Picture". At this point, I assume if you watch my blog, definitely you're a movie person. you've probably heard of Parasite film, and if you're not a movie person and you read our Blog then thanks. In a world where I have nothing to offer for this review I have nothing new to offer for this review there are youtube videos breaking down Parasite at nauseam doing the deep dive so really I can't offer you anything here that you haven't already heard except for my personal opinion I guess you haven't heard that yet that's the thing in this review you can't find anywhere else you can find my review article.

Parasite Cast

Kang-ho Song         Ki Taek (as Song Kang Ho)

Sun-Kyun Lee          Dong Ik (as Lee Sun Kyun)

Yeo-Jeong Jo          Yeon Kyo (as Cho Yeo Jeong)

Woo-Sik Choi           Ki Woo (as Choi Woo Shik)

Jeong-Eun Lee        Moon Gwang (as Lee Jung Eun)

Hye-jin Jang            Chung Sook (as Chang Hyae Jin)

Park                              Geun Se (as Park Myeong Hoon)

Ji-so Jung                 Da Hye (as Jung Ziso)

  Parasite Review


Hey, you clicked on it Parasite movie review, a South Korean film but what it's about okay it's like this like I know the director Bong Joon-Ho. I saw him say the best way to go into this movie is cold so I'm gonna give you a non-spoiler warning basically, I'm gonna do that first act setup that I do in any review where it's kind of like oh here's kind of what the movies about all right cut off before we start getting into spoilers and here's what I think about the movie so out of respect for him and his work and the fact that he would want you to go into the movie cold not-knowing anything I'm gonna let you know right I'm gonna kind of let you know where the movie heads if you don't want to even know that long story short you should see Parasite film, great but the movies about this family living in poverty and the son gets the opportunity to be an English tutor for this rich family's daughter and then he's like hey I know someone who could be an art instructor for your son and then he kind of weasels his sister into it the whole family just kind of weasels their way into this rich family's house and of course the rich family doesn't know they're all related so it's this whole they're hustlers it's a scheme going on and that kept the movie really engaging even intense when there wasn't-necessarily an intense moment but its always on your mind like are you guys but the movie is definitely about classism and the rich versus the poor and the way this movie breaks it down and portrays it's pretty genius I mean that's not even all there is in the movie I mean it's about social class social status this side versus those sides but it's not even limited to just that to the point not to sound redundant but it's a movie about human beings.


Parasite (2019) - IMDb
Rating: 8.6/10

How we treat each other versus how we view each other how we don't even think it'swell here but it does it in a way that's so it's weirdness out loud but the movie is actually quite fun in its execution it's funny it's whimsical it's fun but also turns up the drama irrelevant it's actually dark thought-provoking this movie has a scene that goes from fun to very intense to pretty dark and tragic. Not every filmmaker can pull that off without having the conflicting tone there's a scene with a storm that wonderfully illustrates like how the two families deal with it and what it means to them and it just it puts it all into perspective for. It's a kid this is actually a true story I was young I was no older than 11 or 12 and remember this girl she was younger she was in the single digits probably eight or nine so she's younger than me this is in church and we were all these kids were pumps cuz we were like yeah there might not be any school tomorrow there's gonna be snow yeah no school and snow we're gonna play in the snow is gonna be fun but I remember her saying it's easy to say that but what about all the poor and homeless people and they're gonna freeze and that's it's easy to see it your way but what about how they experience its true story and this is the 90s you know what's in social media around it was like this kid just goes to church anyhow there's a part in this movie that kind of illustrates the same thing with the weather and it just took me right back to that time when I was a kid that a younger kid taught me that lesson that Parasite film sill as wild world and it's one of the impressive things about this movie more than a few times I've seen a movie have a message but it's like the movie relies on its message to carry the entire thing so it's like off the message doesn't hit you it's what do you have now, what do you have for a movie, what do you have for a film, what do you have for entertainment but this movie if you want to see the message and you definitely it's there.

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I mean at a point you can't see it anymore but the movie itself message aside is remarkably entertaining. It's like a dark drama-comedy it's a dark dramedy more movies fail at that then succeed at that and parasites one of the ones that do succeed in that and astronomy we call that the Goldilocks zone. God give props to Kang ho song I believe that's how you pronounce his name might be a couple of mispronunciations in here but that dude everyone in the movie does a great job I thought they were all fantastic but when I think of the cast like he's the one who stands out the was amazing I'm actually really shocked he wasn't nominated for an Oscar but dude just crushes it I thought it was great it's definitely one of those movies you need to do the second pass like after you watch it you should probably watch it again because when you start realizing how the movies addressing its addressing and how it's breaking it down cool to go back and watch the movie again and see how it does it from the beginning up until the point you actually kind of it gripped you. With an implication does that mean I watch this movie twice but yep there's no real rush to get my review out so yeah I watched it twice. I was glad I watched it twice I appreciated it more the second time.


Bcoz, in the end, I thought parasite was great I'm not one of those people's like Oscars are the end-all-be-all but if you're working in that industry they kind of are for you and your career so I know everybody's touched on it but seeing the look on Bong Joon-Ho's face when he won the Oscar for I believes it was Best Screenplaythere's smile on his face puts a smile on my face. The spectrum of people after they watched Parasite film, it's like it's the movie of the decade or it was great whether or not it's the film of the decade film of the year or just a great movie that's a different conversation. Most agree it's a solid move it's great it's well-made it's engaging it's well-acted there's definitely worth watching definitely worth buying on blu-ray right. So the Parasite have you seen it what did you think about it whatever you thought comment below let us know and as always if you liked what you've seen here and you want to see more click right on comment box here to see more.

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