Omerta movie review

Omerta Movie Review

On the 4th of May 2018 an actor who created a niece for himself in the industry by this time starring in a movie titled merit a directed by Hansel Mehta a movie that was presented to Mehta as an idea in the mid-2000s by veteran actor Mukuldev as a story that needed to be told Marita vanished from theatres with the blink of an eye being engulfed by the business of avengers infinity war that released just a week prior and Razi a week later that did exceptionally well in the box office the movie based on the journey of Ahmad Omar Saheed sheikh and the extremist atrocities committed by him on a global scale was deemed a colossal financial failure made on a budget of 18 crores the movie went on to cross close to four crores in total revenue.

Omerta cast
    • Rajkumar Rao  as Omar Sheikh
    • Rajesh Tailang  as General Mahmood
    • Satwant Kaur as Qaisra Sheikh- Omar's mother


 Zee5 started providing a digital release for the film as the movie certainly did not get its due credit in its theatrical run the film specifically focuses on major events that affected India and the world in modern history due to the growing influence and activities of extremist groups specifically from events that commence from the 1994 kidnappings of tourists from new Delhi the hijacking of the Indian airlines flight from Kathmandu and other global events and atrocities that followed including the abduction of a journalist daniel pearl linked to the use dropout that thought the only way of vengeance was to bear arms and retaliate with force here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film. So that you guys can ultimately decide whether the movie is worth or not the underwhelming aspects oscillating British accent the major criticism.

Omerta IMDb rating 7.2/10

I have with the film is the oscillating British accent executed by Rajkumar Rao it breaks my heart to say this but other than this one aspect that I will speak in length and detail about i cannot fault a single thing other than that regarding Rajkumar's performance Omar was a British national who only visited Pakistan with his family for two years this would, of course, lead to the protagonist having a natural British accent the sad truth is that the accept execution by Rao is amateurish at best his attempt seems to be a crash course rather than a refined twang letters would be conveniently left out of words as an attempt to execute the accent well the actor stating sentences like were the plane's my mate what'd you say a muffled option to intend authenticity but comes across as jarring especially as he and frames are talking to actual Britishers and Americans command of Rao in Urdu and Hindi is impeccable and I believe with some of the creative liberties were taken in the film it would have been ideal if the accent was scrapped as creative choices it sticks out like a sore thumb in several sequences the good a story that needs to be told it is extremely tricky to present a story with a protagonist that has committed such by lax that have had a direct impact on us Indians and still, visually represent him in such a way that his acts are not glorified yet keep us engaged throughout running minutes Hansel Mehta has brilliantly executed that balance with the never while watching the film did I ever root for the madness that takes over Omar never did I support his inhumane acts never did I feel that there was an attempt to humanize him in order to justify his actions yet I feel this was an important movie to be made as it educates us and brings forth several discussions about the events in modern history for any cinephile it fascinating to know that Omar as the character has made an appearance previously in a hansel Mehta film if you remember shahid then you would remember the inmate played by Prabhu Punjabi was Omar sheikh Hansal Mehta states that shahid was actually the show real to make Omerta it also provides a fascinating point of personal injustice and how two characters in a similar predicament take two completely different paths one constructive in the form of shahid and one absolutely destructive in the form of Omar ironically one is no more in this world today and the other may just be released from jail anytime soon conviction and the performance what I admire the most about the film are that unlike many political films that are produced in this nation this takes the origin story and acts committed by a radical and does not shy away from mentioning politicians and government officials involved with archival footage and showcasing ghastly images of modern war that show you the reality at the ground level.


In many ways, the creators decided that if they are going to tell this story they aren't going to leave any stone unturned regarding what actually transpired it has the ability for any history student to exactly identify the preceding events that will take place and any inquisitive viewer to research even more beyond the film the 1994 tour is kidnapping in our own national capital with such ease Pakistani national just assimilating and blending anti-intelligence agencies still being reactionary in nature, the infamous Indian airlines hijacking provided as only a cliff note in the film but it makes you introspect on how our government could not intervene in Amritsar the bravery showcased by captain Devi Sharon to prolong the flight as much as possible but to no avail, I would highly recommend you check out the nat geo special on the flight IC814 after the film is fascinating especially because it focuses on events that did not even happen too long agora, Kumar Rao, despite the initial dialogue delivery bumps slowly but surely fully immerses himself to become a man transformed with no possible return or reform the intensity in his eyes the intimidating body the language the unquestionable conviction and the vision Rajkumar becomes Omar and there is a reason why he is one of the finest talents we have in the country today.

He is passionate about the craft and nothing more several thoughts beyond hansel meta storytelling and Rajkumar Rao slowed deterioration into radicalization there were several thoughts that came into my mind as I saw the film it makes you think about modern war first world countries engaged to takedown tyrannies but leave behind countries with civic unrest in ruins about the products that come out of such acts of violence inevitable radicalization and huge sections of populations that bear arms at a personal level it makes you ponder over how we can live carefree as such gross human rights violations take place all over the world from a character standpoint, it makes you think about how an educated and privileged man can think this is the only justifiable retaliation retrospect.

Omerta meaning
(among the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to the police. (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

It makes you think about the several instances where government organizations could have intervened and maybe just maybe the domino effect of the global atrocities may have never happened the film aims to explore evil as a human characteristic that develops from a point of personal injustice any individual in real life that has been etched in history has had a point of personal injustice what path you lead from that point can make you either popular or notorious omerta specifically regarding this point of personal injustice is a very important film to be seen especially for Indians to be educated and informed of the modern reality.

You can see Omerta full movie online on zee5
Omerta Trailer

A critic by the name of Deborah young from Hollywood reporter stated that this is a gripping study of the evil that reveals nothing Omar in one of the scenes as he talks to an American journalist states terrorists believe you guys are predators threatening to take an entire religion into extinction they believe they are protecting themselves and you guys believe you'reprotecting mankind but the truth is nobody is protecting anybody innocent people are being killed nobody lives but the conflict lives on that review that I just mentioned couldn't be further from the truth you can and should watch omerta on zee5.  Thank you for staying with us.

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