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All right so this is one of those articles where I've been pacing trying to get my thoughts in order for this one and I feel like I'm gonna pace for three more hours and still not have my thoughts ready to do this video "Lord Of The Flies" is one of those stories that shine a spotlight on human nature so I'm here talking about what I see and what it means to me and you know I just want to get it right so I feel like I'm going to be at best for the most part right so hopefully, that's enough anyhow I want to talk about "Lord Of The Flies" no idea why I call it inspiration. "Lord Of The Flies" is actually two films it was a book written by William Golding and then it was adapted into a film in 1963 and then a film again in 1990 and at this point, I don't even know what this review is going to really be like it's not a review of the book is it a review of both movies possibly I'm probably going to compare both the movies and talk about how they did things similar or different from the book and in any case I just want to talk about lord of the flies there is one of these movies is superior to the other and so we'll just talk about.

The Lord Of The Flies Movie 1963 

Director -  Peter Brook
Writer -     William Golding (novel)
Stars -      James Aubrey, Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards

The Lord Of The Flies Movie summary

It so "Lord Of The Flies"  is a story that you might have heard mentioned as of late it is about a group of schoolboys and they're all marooned on this island adults around which hey great they're having fun and in all versions they all find this coaching the book and the two films about conch the conscious law it's the seashell that you essentially can blow into it sounds like a horn and they're like okay the law is if you're holding the conch you can talk you have the floor so to speak and but you can't talk without the conch so that's really the first law that they come up with in order to have some form of civility and as time goes things start to fall apart and now you have the "Lord Of The Flies" references you have heard and I've always enjoyed the story of "Lord Of The Flies"  ever since the latest high school but I think it's because it's the earliest and most concise story that makes the point just a very focused way it shines a spotlight on human nature it points right to it in about 300 pages and it's all about that, I love Golding's response the author of the book I love his response when he talks about there has been a lot of interpretations of "Lord Of The Flies" but what he intended to put into it is not as important as what readers got out of it and so he never really tries to explain the nuance of what was being said in certain scenes it's like if you got that out of it that's what you got out of it and that the important thing I always like that. 1963 "Lord Of The Flies 1963" it's lower budget absolutely and that's like kind of a burn people have with it like oh it's super low budget it looks cheap I don't know I kind of came up ina time where if you could make a low budget cheap ass movie that was kind of cool like look at clerks you know it's just like it's clerks but the "Lord Of The Flies"  not really actually I think clerks is cheaper.

The Lord Of The Flies Movie 1963 IMDb Rating6.9/10


In both the 1963 version and 1990 version the acting isn't you know it's not top-notch in both cases you're dealing with really young children who it's not like they have a lot of acting experience but the weaker of the two films I'll start with the weakest one I guess is the 1990 version the 1990 version is a textbook case of for the most part having the point there and still not making the audience feel it like with the lord of the flies you have to feel it. You have to feel that these kids are becoming ravenous and animalistic you have to feel the decline of society also they change things in a weird way I don't know why I'm just scratching my head the entire time like you just burned up screen time concentrating on this captain who's still alive on the island which I think was a huge mistake because in the 1963 film version and the book in both cases the kids just arrive on this island with no adults. That is throwing them out of the nest and see how they fly kind of scenario there's no real hope that an adult is just going to spring up and be like all right kids I got you back we're gonna all lead you but in the 1990 film version the captain is still alive though he's kind of in a coma but still, the fact that he is not dead gives them that hope. You can make the argument that having the captain live on the island but in this comatose state is essentially something to give the kids something to latch onto of the old world but really that's what the act of lighting the signal fire to get rescued so it just kind of seemed redundant but like the captain was a massive waste of time year, later on, there's this they believe there's a monster on the island this monster and so one of the kids runs across the captain who's kind of like in this fever haze and he thinks he's the monster. I guess I just relate to the parachute and the book and the 1963 version because when I was we're talking pre-kindergarten I was at this babysitter's house and there was this parachute in the trees and it was ripped in a way probably wasn't ripped like this, to be honest with you but this is how I remember my kid brain processing it was it was ripped in a way that it looked like it had two eyes and a mouth it looked like a big ghost in the tree and scared of me in the story of the book in 1963 it's like oh we saw a parachute I'm like totally understand but from a filmmaking aspect some of the actings aside I'll say the 1963 version is the superior version simply because you start to see the kids deteriorate and acting out lashing out there scenes where they're just like screaming at nothing in that scene where they're all dancing around the campfire that shit was intense I'm not gonna lie that's what i mean when I say with the "Lord Of The Flies" you have to feel it the 1963 version made me feel it more and the fact that lord of the flies tells the story of human nature from children.

The Lord Of The Flies Movie 1990

Director      Harry Hook

Writers       William Golding (novel) (as Sir William Golding), 
                   Jay Presson Allen (screenplay) (as Sara Schiff)

Stars          Balthazar Getty, Chris Furrh, Danuel Pipoly


The Lord Of The Flies Movie 1990 IMDb Rating

I think that's brilliant, to be honest with you I always have as I've aged my perspective as to why it's kind of changed or at least evolved like when I was younger I kind of saw it as brilliant because well kids are they're innocent and even kids are not above human nature but as I've aged and gotten older I've realized that kids are less apt at using masks to navigate social situations adults have learned to do that you look at kids are very emotionally I want to do this adult can put on masks and navigate different social situations you see that with cafeterias younger school kids in cafeterias you're like those are the nerds those are the jocks those are the goths these are 90s clicks I'm talking about because that's when I was at school but in the workplace, you kind of see social structure but different people can navigate into different tables in a workplace cafeteria. In that with kids not really being refined and using social masks adults do you just you take kids in a situation like this they are human nature incarnate you know they're the control experiment they're human nature without any of the social harassment. They're not old enough to have the experience to have learned it that's the reason I now see how using kids and "Lord Of The Flies" it's actually a brilliant call but you know a thing noticed in this reading of the book, it was like in three days read the book I watched one of the movies and I watched the other movie is that it's not just the absence of civilization it's not just the lawlessness was the great unifier of fear, the fear of this monster.


The fears of this thing that was in the woods and saw the hunters were like well we will protect you and at that point, they're like well if we're doing the work why aren't we running shit so it's not just the absence of law and civilization it's the absence of law and civilization mixed with fear and you take those components and mix them together it's like the bomb and dies hard with a vengeance, you know you mix them boom and that is a very important and timeless lesson suppose lord of the flies if you watch it for the first time right now you're going to be like well I've seen these stories before but again for me it was the earliest and most concise telling of this lesson but yeah we've totally seen this lesson a lot now you know movies tv video games he's been in everything it's kind of the basis of the walking dead you know oh no civilization so now people just kind fact how they act so you have begun the story of began it's like they're like well lord of the flies but adults even with the abyss though coffee had you know he was kind of deranged because he was down there for that long and he had that sickness that they talked about I can't think of the name of but the abyss is straight-up like I've said before low-key one of Cameron's best movies but still it's that isolationist feeling of no law also paranoia equals bad things.

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The Lord Of The Flies Movie Trailer 1963

I feel like it all kind of stems from "Lord Of The Flies" but the lessons of "Lord Of The Flies" is not to be forgotten in the end it's the joker's entire philosophy in the dark night. In the "Dark Night" when the joker's talking to batman about human beings and he's like their morals their code it's a bad joke dropped at the first sign of trouble I'll show you when the chips are down these civilized people they'll eat each other. Struggling with whether or not that is accurate is not struggling with whether or, not a mass-murdering clown is right about people. It's not even struggling with whether or not Christopher Nolan is right about people it's really struggling with whether or not "Lord Of The Flies" is accurate it's all "Lord Of The Flies" philosophy so, in the end, I druglord of the flies I do feel like it's a story that lends itself best to being a book he could probably do the best job making it a mini-series but the 1963 version is actually remarkably accurate to the book and it does drag a bit in the first half of it because this is kind of what "Lord Of The Flies" is it's a slow burn like that but I've always enjoyed what "Lord Of The Flies" has to say about human nature tribalism fear reacting out of fear and showing us it is to go along with the side that looks like well that's the side of survival.

The Lord Of The Flies Movie Trailer 1963

I'm trying to be vague I don want to have any spoilers for the movie from1963 based off the book written a decade prior and it's just a lesson that was relevant then it was relevant before it was written is relevant now will be relevant for centuries to come if we make it that long alright so "Lord Of The Flies" have you read the book have you seen the movies have you seen a movie which one have you seen and which one did you like or not. Like hope, I covered it all there I think I did and what does "Lord Of The Flies," say to you how do you process the information is given to you that's important that every much a part of all of it so whatever you think to comment below & let me know and whether you did it like or not also let us know & off course share it to those people who are want to see "Lord Of The Flies" both version in 1963 and 1990. Goodbye.

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