Khuda Haafiz Movie Review

  Khuda Haafiz Movie Review

  Khuda Haafiz


The weekend release that many people were looking forward to was with Vidyut Jammwal Starrer Khuda Hafiz that released on Disney plus Hotstar on the 14th of august. The film focuses on a newly married couple that gets adversely affected due to the 2008 economic recession. Due to the occurrence of constant layoffs businesses slowing down in industries crashing both of them have to seek for employment opportunities in a foreign land. Presumably, oil-dependent countries in the middle east seem to be unaffected by the recession and seem like the safest option for the couple currently. Unforeseen circumstances lead to the wife Nargis played by Shivalik to make the trip first but a nightmare phone call of a possible abduction leads to Samir played by Vidyut Jammwal to enter a foreign unknown fictional land by the name of Noman to find his wife. The involvement of the police force Indian embassy and intelligence agencies and the revelations of human trafficking ring as Samir commences on the journey to find his wife is the premise of "Khuda Hafiz".  Here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film in no particular order so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this movie is worth it on Disney plus Hotstar or not.

Khuda Haafiz cast

Director: Faruk Kabir
Writer:    Faruk Kabir

Stars:      Vidyut Jammwal, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Annu Kapoor 

Cast & Crew

Vidyut Jammwal               Sameer Chaudhary
Shivaleeka Oberoi            Nargis Sameer Chaudhary
Annu Kapoor                       Usman Hamid Ali Murad (Usman Bhai)
Shiv Pandit                           Faiz Abu Malik
Aahana Kumra                  Tameena Hamid
Nawab Shah                        Itzak Regini
Gargi Patel                           Nandini Chaudhary


The final edit of the film is 2 hours and 13 minutes long and you will definitely feel that for the movie's intended impact to be far greater. The makers could have easily chopped off close to 20 minutes of the film so that it could have been a way slicker action-adventure film. The music of this film is phenomenal still unrecognized by the masses but the placement of some of the songs especially "Mera Intejer Karna" which goes into the visuals of flashbacks while we are in the thick of things slows down the development of the storyline. Especially the involvement of the intelligence agency and the several roadblocks they face regarding miscommunication with Samir lends to the movie stretching a tad bit too long. Focus narrative -  what I absolutely loved about this film, especially in contrast to other commercial action-adventure films in Bollywood, is that its focus remains on the storyline the film does not dwell into comedic characters unnecessary subplots that lend nothing to the development of the storyline and its focus after the occurrence of the 2008 recession and the dreaded phone call solely focuses on retrieving Nargis. The praiseworthy aspect also about the film is that it takes into consideration individuals functioning in international soil. wherein other films you see Indians carrying out rescue missions with no political or diplomatic ramifications the film presents the several channels a common man would have to deal with partaking on a mission in an unknown land.  Another aspect that I loved was that the film is extremely time-specific it's set around 2008 with just the introduction of technology with its limitations so it showcases the hero with notepads for contacts local help for locations and telephone directories for pin codes this lends the journey to be much more grounded in reality. Technical details okay so this feature is for all the geeks out there is a phenomenal action sequence that is set in a corridor as hordes of people surround the couple during an attempt to rescue her. Where the sequence has been shot brilliantly and actually showcases the comfortability of the hero who is not a trained fighter flailing his arms she only sees red in front of him the CG blood splatter that is used in the sequence is extremely jarring, movies before the advent of technology would use squab underneath the costumes of actors they would be basically mini bombs that would burst as gunshots or knife hits would take place. This despite its animated the visual appeal would lend some authenticity. In this movie, you will clearly see computer-generated blood being used in the sequence often even misdirected to the blows which provide a very unnatural visual appeal to the action scene. This from a creative standpoint is less work as everything can be computer generated and there's less clean up on the set but if you ever see films like a Machete or The Expendables the overuse of  CG blood-splattering action sequences lends a very unreal visual treatment. If you have seen any Quentin Tarantino movie you would know he is completely against CG blood in action scenes that why his action scenes look so badass. Set design and music of Khuda Hafiz is primarily set in Uzbekistan and the set design is absolutely beautiful even though some of the Persian carpets and hookahs placed everywhere can be on the nose the film is visually a treat to watch. The standout quality of the film a lot of people are not talking about is the beautiful music composed by Mithun and Syed Kadri. The film has such melodic tunes that are definitely not getting their deserved the attention.

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I would highly recommend after you watch the movie to check out the music album of the film. Trust me you won't regret it. "Jaan Ban Gaye" is definitely my favourite that will target your heartstrings. The Arabic accent - as the movie is set in the middle east it showcases most of the supporting cars that are Indian actors performing an Arabic accent. The performances of most of the cast are convincing but Ahana Kumbra's accent definitely stands out like a sore thumb. A performance and body language as an intelligence agent are commendable but the enunciation of each consonant to convince us that she is from the fictional country of noman was uncomfortable in moments. Annu Kapoor and Shib Pandit still, in contrast, presented a very subdued accent and were convincing Vidyut sheds the action hero trope and the supporting cast. The supporting cast of the film has done a commendable job. Shib Pandit plays the role of Faiz Abu Malik an intelligence officer from noman doubtful of the intentions of Samir. He has an intimidating yet confident demeanour in front of the camera. Nawab Sha is thick showcases the alpha brute strength required for the role. Annu Kapoor accesses the aid to Jammwal a camaraderie that can never be broken. Annu Kapoor one of the most talented actors we have in the country blends seamlessly in the world of Noman. I became a fan of Shivalika Obroy since yes Ali Ashiqui she fooled me with her expressive eyes and innocence in her first film you know if you know but she lends warmth and delicacy to Nargis and Khuda Hafiz and makes the relationship between her and Samir, even more, sacred she is one of the bright stars of the current generation that deserves so much work.

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Khuda Haafiz
IMDb 7.7/10
Watch Khuda Haafiz on Disney+ Hotstar VIP

Usually, movies cater to with you Jammwal the action hero commando and jungle are examples of precisely that. What's brilliant about Khuda Hafiz is that the movie caters to the storyline and Jammwal just acts as a vessel as any actor should do. I was surprised and taken aback by the emotional moment showcased by Jammwal in this film beard him in the Indian embassy pleading for his wife's whereabouts or being thankful to Anu Kapoor for lending his support. Jammwal is not only convincing but definitely puts forth his career's best performance awkward while holding a gun getting bashed up by much more capable antagonists almost to the pulp the fear in his eyes to even engage in contact there is no hero-worship in this film which was a breath of fresh air regarding any video Jammwal film.  The comparison from a plot standpoint is inevitable with "Bhaghi 3" finding a loved one in an unknown land-only for a deep dark secret to be unravelled.


Khuda Hafiz, however, is a fast superior product by miles actually as it provides a realistic approach to an action-adventure film. A shirtless tiger creating havoc and annihilating a terrorist the organization is one thing and fantasy in its entirety but Khuda Hafiz lends a very human approach to the journey of perseverance. A film that of course has many flaws but is much more superior than the overrated commercial action-adventure films we have celebrated in theatres. This is definitely worth a try and that was a review guys write down in the comments below what you thought about the movie please don't forget to follow us on Facebook "movieshowreview". Please support us by smashing the Email Subscription and Reactions button and subscribe us for weekly content ahead thank you for reading this article. Stay Safe.

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