Gunjan Saxena movie review

Gunjan Saxsena movie review


Indian air force officer Gunjan Saxena, the first woman in the Indian air force to go to war. I despite the noise surrounding the film wanted to genuinely explore the quality and execution of the storyline. The film Gunjan Saxena the Kargil girl is directed by Sharon Sharma and chronicles the life of the braveheart from 1984 to1999. From a dreamy-eyed the little girl that dreams to touch the skies to the moment where she created history and made India proud in the Kargil war in 1999. Here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this film is worth your time on Netflix on 12th of august or not.

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The underwhelming aspects dialogue delivery Janvi Kapoor was definitely provided with the short end of the stick pertaining to the trailer of the film there are too many beautiful moments expressed by Janvi in this one rn 52minute film but I have to confess that when the actor has to do the heavy lifting of scenes pertaining to deep emotion and grief it is in the delivery of dialogues that she falters. It is both a combination of a high pitch as well as the tone of voice was in some moments the speech suffers from monotony in others it falters because of the enunciation of all letters of the Hindi language lending it a very formal end product rather than coming across as a natural reaction from a character. Janvi has these big expressive eyes and to denounce her as expressionless is absolutely unfair because there are several moments between the dialogues especially where she shines precisely through her expressions it is in the heavy hard-hitting scenes though where she needs to improve and being just three firms old I'm sure she will. The performances - the cast of the film is stellar in every way the supporting actors who portray the Indian air force officers both Manav Wej and Vinith Kumar Singh are spectacular. The film represents them as no-nonsense regimental officers who expect no room for excuses. They are restricted in their ways especially due to the new entry of a female officer but represent the discipline required for a serving officer and at a human level also represent individuals that are receptive to change if people prove it through their actions. Where it is the moment shared between Janvi and Vinith that represents this constant struggle and frustration of a disciplined officer to prove her senior that she is just as capable as other officers it is with Manav where she gets a glimmer of hope and an avenue to lead by example both Manav and Vinith portray the body language and etiquette of officers with utmost conviction.  Angad Medhi is a restrictive army officer sibling and Aisha Raza Mishra as the constantly anxious and close-minded mother fit perfectly in the film. It is, however, the daughter and father relationship that stands out as the heartbeat of this film Janvi, especially in the moments of when she, sees hope within her father her eyes tearing up with a sense of comfort or the anguish of constantly trying to prove oneself frustrated yet determined attempts her best. She doesn't deliver a trademark exceptional performance but isn't far away from the mark. I believe with some maturity the actor will definitely blossom into a capable performer each scene however that Pankaj Tripathi features in I had this uncontrollable smile on my face a representation of what any father should strive to become and what any daughter dreams to have as a father to offer the world and beyond to their children irrespective of their gender.

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The scene shared between Janvi and Pankaj Tripathi represent boundless love and devotion independent from the norm set by society. Tripathi has his effortless quality to speak in his silences his dry humour and sarcasm has this odd charm and it's not worthy for us to cherish and celebrate a gem-like him in this unforgivable and fickle world. The story writing part it is beautiful writing by Nikhil Malhotra and Sharon Sharma that stands out as one of its best qualities. A movie about outliers or mavericks in any way especially women for some viewers can come across as overbearing sometimes. Losing focus on the main plot and dwelling deep into gender politics but the writing of this film is not only effective but efficient in so many ways of getting its message across. The messaging never becomes overwhelming yet still has this quality of making a statement and an important one of our regressive and archaic ways both present in our societies as well as systems. A casual statement like a pilot "ladka ya ladki ho, usse pilot hi kahte hey" as a casual dining table discussion distraught daughter is reminded with beautiful lines - "jo log mehnat ka sath nehi chodte, kismat vhi unka haat nehi chodti" in several moments especially the one shared between the father and the daughter the exceptional writing standout.


Music I have to confess that I absolutely fell in love with the music of this film executed and designed by Amit Trivedi especially "dhori Tutt ganya" sung beautifully by Rekha Bharadwaj and "Bharati ki beti" by the soulful and one of my favourite Arijit Singh. The music is not saturated in the film and is placed in the movie at the perfect plot points minimalist but efficient treatment. What I absolutely loved about this film is its effective way of shedding light on such important topics regarding us Indians as a society. It showcases the impact on humans if from a young age they are taught to believe that dreams are possible quite contrary to our restrictive ways it sheds light on the type of humans the armed forces required to represent the nation individuals who are not subservient and think on their feet it brings up the dilemma in any individual's journey between personal ambition and working for the greater good. It also brings about the discussion about any group of professionals that feel threatened by excellence especially when it is executed by the opposite sex. I cannot just for the sake of trashing a film because it's popular it to a film that genuinely did its job this is a beautiful story that needed to be told and its intention,

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as well as execution, is earnest and sincere. I have left teary-eyed when a motivating father played by Tripathi tells his daughter to break the confines made by society and soar high into the skies. This is more than just being about Gunjan Saxena who went on 40 missions representing the Indian air force where she did casualty evacuations dropped supplies as well as identified enemy positions. This is more than a story of a 24-year-old woman who fought in the Kargil war, the first one mind you, the story of Gunjan Saxena is the prime example of how the systems and archaic processes don't adjust to the outliers but mavericks like Saxena paved the way to commence the revolution so that it becomes the norm for future generations and that was the review guys write down in the comments below and tell us how much did you like this review about Gunjan Saxena movie. Please like, share and follow our blog. A very big thank you. Stay safe and Stay Home.

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