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  Class Of 83 Netflix Movie Review


This weekend saw the Netflix best thriller movies or you can say one of the Netflix action movies the interesting release of the Bobby Deol Starrer Class of 83 the crime thriller based on the book written by S. Hussain Zaidi.  The Class of 83 punishers of the Mumbai police focuses on the role of the Mumbai police in combating and eliminating the influence of the underworld and crime from the screens of Mumbai specifically through the police officers who were all a part of the Nasik police academy the batch of 1983. The 80s was a horrid time of lawlessness and crime in Mumbai and through this Atul Sabharwal directed and Shahrukh khan and Netflix films produced venture we get transported to the development of young minds to be equipped for the dirty work and the influence of the underworld and crime in the badlands of Bombay.  Here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film in no particular order so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this movie is worth your time or not.

Class of 83

cast & crew

Director                         Atul Sabharwal
Bobby Deol                        Vijay Singh
Vishwajeet Pradhan        Mangesh Doiphode
Joy Sengupta                    Raghav Desai
Monika Panwar                 Niranjana
Abhishek Bhalerao           Bombay Police Sub Inspector with Varde 
Geetika Tyagi                    Sudha Singh

Akshay Tanksale              Narayan Shetty


Production - Design and Music -  one of the biggest Netflix best movies takeaways or impressive qualities about this film are its technical features which included time-specific and authentic production design as well as music. The production designers Donald Regan Gracie and Anita Raj Gopal and Lata have captured the essence of Bombay in the 80s with great detail especially in today's context with the humble budget to recreate not only sets but outdoor sequences that are time-specific is a challenge but the combination of the classic cars the old Bombay buildings and the vintage Hindi movie posters really do transport you to the time of the 80s in the early 90s of Bombay. Credit also has to be given cinematographer Mario Pollyakin precisely capturing these features background music by Biju Sha for provided an extremely retro vibe especially in the training sequences of the police academy and the points of conflict in Bombay. The accurate parallels that I can think of when it comes to the music so that you can envision the sounds are the Kavin sky track night call that plays in the 2011 film drive and the roundheads vice city theme that all 90s kids will be aware of. Not a worthy opponent one of the biggest demerits for me regarding the Class of 83 is that the movie is primarily focused on the development of the police force and the clash of egos and morals that take place as the individuals learn to thrive and exist in the anarchy that is Bombay. Where the internal the struggle of the police force both individually and amongst one another is interesting as it unfolds this film would have a way larger impact if it dwelt deeper into the personalities that have a huge influence in the city and provide an absolute menace for the police force.  The superior detailing in the book barely scratches the surface in the film which I will come to later.  My point is not to seek for an archetype villain in the storyline but that individuals that act as a resistance to the swift functioning of the police that includes a politician played by Danube Sony and an antagonist that is constantly named never pose grave threats or enhance the intensity of the film. An essential element of a crime thriller I believe if existed and really fleshed out would have led to a greater impact.


Meet The Batch of "Class of 83"

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Performance  - I generally believe this Netflix new movie is the perfect fit for Bobby Deol as an actor even if you see most of his successful work in the 90s barring the shocking thriller plot points those movies don't stand the test of time today it was painful to watch they were trying to fit in in the painful comedy and thriller franchises in recent years as his comeback. It is a film like the Class of 83 and a character like Vijay Singh, however, understated intense and effective that I believe is ideal for showcasing the potential of the actor. When provided the appropriate material bobby puts for the very convincing performance where there was still scope to dwell deeper into the loss that Vijay Singh was dealing with sadly barely brushed upon by the filmmaker Bobby does as is required with the written material. Anup Sony is influential yet corrupt politicians and Vishwajeet Pradhan as the physical training coach of the police academy lend great support. It is the newcomers who do an extremely praiseworthy job however in this film. The two newcomers Hitesh Bhojraj 'and Bhupendra Jadawa out as star performers. The sequence of Warde being forced to apologize to one of the members and a moment of conflict between Warde and Shukla and their colleague's engagement standout. Both not only have an incredible command over their dialogues but possess confidence and ease in front of the camera that showcases they have extremely bright acting careers ahead of them. A superior book detailing I realized as I was watching this film and reached the stage where the police cadets were finally on duty in Bombay that I was bound to be disappointed as I had read the enthralling the book written by S. Hussain Zaidi. The superior detailing with Zaidi not only refers to the influence of the underworld in the 80s and 90s in Bombay but just effortlessly presents how lawless and unpredictable the city was created this transportation reading experience there are such informative case details. With the way, the encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma and Vijay Salaskar tackled elements of the mob from points where possible attacks were nipped at the bud where they saw a young man juggling with explosive or the social landscape where the locals annoyed of the gangs would shower the police with garlands if they execute them. The book provided for such a detailed account of the ground reality and events which the movie only presents as montage sequences. The film more than the role of the police in the landscape of Bombay marred by crime is a character study of police officers from idealists to realists who find a way to coexist with the madness transforming to mere middlemen rather than repeating the same mistakes as their mentor.


Parallels and wanting more -  when I saw one of the Bollywood action movies the initial minutes of Class of 83 I was immediately transported to the compelling Netflix movies Hindi documentary fair city that focused on how the FBI took down the mob that basically ruled new york city but the documentary not only with exemplary details showcased the laws through which the FBI took down the mob namely Rico that gave the mafia organizational structure and through which it could equate petty crimes to the mob bosses on top several wire tappings that revealed details of the influence in the city and the several industries that the mob had full control over. One of the best thriller movies Netflix Class of 83 limps in comparison to the great detailing of other crime thrillers with the same structure where visually Class of 83 stands out as an impressive piece of work just wanted more from the storyline and trust me the creators, especially in reference to the book, had such ample material to work with it is in the surface level storytelling the lack of conflict detailing and on the underwhelming conclusion which I thought would be a big payoff that the film comes across as just an above-average thriller at best. You can watch the movie on Netflix and that was a review, guys. Write down in the comments below what you thought about the movie please don't forget to follow us on Instagram the handles right in front of you. Also, follow us on Facebook Page Movieshowreview. Also please support us by smashing the like button and subscribing to our Blog for weekly content ahead thank you for reading.

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