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   Netflix Horror Movie 2020 Bulbbul Review


The most unconventional Hindi Horror Movie release that I was looking forward to was a Netflix movie titled Bulbbul starting up Avinash TiwariPaoli DamRahul Bose and Tripti Dimri with off the beat productions by Anushka Sharma like NH10 (2015), Pari (2018)Phillauri (2017) and the recent success of Paatal Lok. The first looks of Bulbbul developed intrigue among the audience due to its unique premise, the film is set in 19th Century Bengal and focuses on a little girl called Bulbbul that gets married into an aristocratic family at a tender age. The film develops with her interaction with the brother-in-law an individual closer to her is that she gets attached to in contrast to the loveless the marriage she is in with a much older Indra. The movie transports us to several years ahead as a character of Sathya returns to his ancestral village finding it is played by merciless murders of men and tries to come to the bottom of the case as the mysticism and folklore of the Chuddail murmurs throughout the village. Here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether the movie is worth it or not. 

Netflix Bulbbul movie cast and characters

  • Tripti Dimri as  Bulbbul
  • Paoli Dam as   Binodini
  • Rahul Bose as Mahendra
  • Parambrata Chatterjee as Dr Sudip
  • Avinash Tiwary as Satya

The Good 

The Cinematography Of This Bollywood Horror Movie - Set Design and Costumes what can absolutely be not denied about Bulbbul is the film is visually beautiful. The cinematography by Siddharth Diwan a man who is responsible for gems like Trapped and Bhavesh Joshi transports us to the year  19th century Bengal presidency. The way he captures the interaction among several characters the palatial house that majority of the film is set in and especially the way the scenes are laid with prime focus and the characters covered in absolute darkness or a glimpse of them as Thunder strikes. Diwan has done a phenomenal job. Talking about visual aspects again the production design by Meenal Agarwal and the costumes by Veera Kapur, need to be praised as well. The Balluchuri en Pan Sarees the teal covered walls and the bungalows the foreign return lawyer and his dapper attire everything visually is appealing. 


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Performances Of This Bollywood Horror Movie 

The movie presents an extremely talented cast that you can depend on from brief appearances by Avinash Tiwari as Bulbbul brother-in-law man who has returned from a foreign land trying to come to terms with how things have changed in the course of five years but for the capable performance. His body language baritone voice that people became fans of in Laila Majnu and spectacular dialogue delivery is laudable. Similarly, Rahul Bose, the stern traditionalist showcases a very understated yet effective performance perturbed by the fondness of Bulbbul and Satya, Bose presents resentment within him perfectly.  The stars that leave a lasting impression however up Paoli Dam and Tripti Dimri. Paoli has been no the knee plays the intrusive, inquisitive, insecure and cheeky "Bahu" whose words are meant to break in the heart. She possesses this mischief and eyes knowing very well her intentions to hurt. All coming from a place of just wanting to feel belong somewhere or with someone. Paoli who you might remember from "Hate Story" (2012) and "Ankur Arora Murder Case"(2013) is a spectacular actor regularly working in Bengali cinema at whom we see very little off in Hindi cinema our loss I guess. Tripti Dimri has evolved so brilliantly as a performer I remember the act of being stiff in several sequences in Laila Majnu but the actor has developed discomfort ability and confidence in front of the camera especially which you can see in this film. From a naive and innocent girl to the matriarch who can see through people has convincingly portrayed.  

Netflix Bulbbul movie time duration

1h 34m

The Concept 

What needs to be said is that the concept of Bulbbul on paper is praiseworthy. It is Hawa nanny and dadi stories told us under the starry skies of the roof of our village house could develop into a full-fledged movie. Where the effort is commendable to present a something fresh and new sadly this one and a half of him doesn't really grasp you with its lore and mysticism. Due to two reasons one, it doesn't dive deep into the for chlorine characters and two, it's underwhelming climax and development of the big reveal. 


The Underwhelming Aspects 

Indulgence in red. one of the movie shifts focus on characters going on the hunt at night for the Chuddail or just showcases a transition to the nighttime the entire set up becomes blood-red. Where the significance of a blood-red moon scientifically is just a moon falling into the shadow of the earth caused by the Sun this image over centuries has developed many stories or myths. Where the movie tries to represent the coloured when the children are finding her next prey with the strong influence of Maa Kali creating parallels to the story where the goddess devoured the demon but the pitcher. Visually the colour becomes extremely saturated and jarring. It reminded me of when on stage we would perform plays in school in order to do anything horrifying we would tell the stage manager to put on the red lights and start the smoke machine. The means in the comments of how much red you want and someone replies yes is very accurate and something that stuck out like a sore thumb. 


Netflix Bulbbul movie ratings 
 6.6/10 - IMDb


Not a Horror Film 

the important point is if you were to remember is that you have to tune into this film not having the expectation of this being a horror film. Because this is not a horror film. This is more like a mystery crime thriller. Murders of men take place in the ancestral village in Bengal and a man who returns five years later tries to come to the bottom of the case. The film despite the mysticism around the Chuddail does not possess the elements of a horror film and that is extremely disappointing. There are many stories of a region revolving around Chuddail. Women who died during childbirth or who are abused in households. Their spirit, manifesting, possessing and wreaking havoc simultaneously. In this film, however, things just happen without really exploring the undefinable world. The powers within her weaknesses herstory never really get explored unlike the first half of a key Dian where Bobo and his sister try to understand the realm of the unknown. Bulbbul fails to transfix us with the mysterious being as it barely scratches the surface. 


The biggest downfall of this film according to me is the screenplay. Imagine if in corn I would show you the cut wire of the landline as or Urmila presumably speaks to her mother in the first scene. Imagine if in Kahani (2012) I showed you Bidya Bagchee in the middle of the film wearing the prosthetic stomach. The eventual revealing both those films and its impact would be completely lost. Similarly in Bulbbul, you are provided very a glimpse of how things are developing, even though the movie shifts timelines its presented in such a simple chronological order that you expected the big reveal to be exactly what it was, therefore, the reaction of being shocked or scared completely went out of the window as you exactly knew what would be the revelation if simply the story diverted our attention somewhere else to believe otherwise or a scene would be left for its final sequence its impact would have been way more. One of the Bollywood horror movie Bulbbul as a concept is praiseworthy and the creators need to be appreciated for the efforts. Sadly its execution and effort to haunt audiences or keep them guessing definitely missed them all. Now that's a review guys, in the comments below what you thought about the movie please don't forget to follow me on Instagram the handles right in front of you follow us Movieshowreview on Facebook, for also please support us by smashing the like, react and share button and subscribing to our channel for weekly content ahead thankyou for reading.

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