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 Amazon Prime Paatal Lok webseries   Review  

Amazon Prime Paatal Lok web series

I was extremely excited when I saw the title announcement of the Paatal Lok on Amazon Prime. The web series focuses four people who get charged for conspiracy to murder, presumably targeting the biggest journalist and in many ways the face of prime time Indian news television. When the protagonist Hati Ram Chaudhary played by Jaydeep Ahlawat, a police officer that has hired 15 years of service but has been barely handed any significant of prominent cases are told to take over this is where the journey of Paatal Lok commences. The web series aims at understanding the motivations of the four characters to assassinate the journalist the soulless and fickle nature of Indian journalism today. The personal battles of each other trying to get at the bottom of the case, privy to exactly how convoluted matter is and finally a commentary of how our society is segregated. With several references to Indian mythology that enhance the quality of the web series tenfold. Especially it's writing. Here's me telling you the good and bad aspects so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this web series is worth your time and money or not. 

Paatal Lok Cast

  • Directors - Avinash Arun, Prosit Roy
  • Creator - Sudip Sharma
  • Cast - Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Gul Panag, Ishwak Singh, Abhishek Banerjee, Swastika Mukherjee, Niharika Lyra Dutt

The Underwhelming Aspects 


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Minor Technical Issues  - before I get into what you may see many critics complain about I have to gush in a few technical issues that you may find slightly jarring or problematic. There are specific to chase sequences involving Jaydeep Ahlawat and Ishwaq Singh scene character respectively and both the sequences come across a sloppy in nature.  Paatal Lok visual treatment throughout the episodes possess a sense of realism. These chase sequences and you will know which ones I'm talking about when you see the series stick out like a sore thumb. Especially the one involving Jaydeep Ahlawat as he runs through a Mela. You know the attempt to portray the same brilliance of the chase sequence involving Rajeev Khandelwal from Shaitaan but it misses the mark completely in that technical regard. Beyond this feature, I was spellbound by the effective storytelling of this web series but the most important point that I have to tell you is this look beyond the politics. I am already warning you there are going to be several content creators or reviewers who will get stuck in the politics and assumed agenda of this web series so much so that the brilliant quality of its layered writing, reflection to society and powerful performances will become simply a blur. There are several moments from the web series which will be a commentary on the conflict between Hindus and Muslims cast differences in the censorship that exists specifically regarding freedom of expression in India society and the polarizing world we live in today which has no ones. Forming people in many ways to rely on a particular direction. I request you as you did with the Family man, there is much more to witness and celebrate creatively when it comes to this series. Don't get stuck in its presumed messaging that you forget about the show itself. 

Paatal Lok IMDB ratings  - 7.6/10

The Good 

Credit, where credit is due nothing, makes me happier then an artist who is willing to take risks and beyond that put your money where your mouth is and one such artist is Anushka Sharma especially as a producer from NH 10 (2015)Pari (2018) and Phillauri (2017) despite the bumps and cracks in her journey as a producer she is willing to back projects that present something fresh and original. Paatal Lok according to me is the most impressive production venture. It's a genuine attempt at creating a crime thriller set and rooted in time status so relevant today. This attempt I can foreshadow will make her 10 times more confident to invest in more creative and risky endeavours. Developing excitement amongst the masses that if she is backing up project it's definitely going to be worth your time. 

Direction and Writing 


one of the most brilliant qualities of this web series is its powerful writing and Direction. Prosit Roy has directed the series previously having worked Pari and Sudeep Sharma has created and written all nine episodes and the individuals need to take a bow for their impeccable work. Sudeep has previously worked in films like Udta Punjab (2016) and Sonchiriya (2019) and Laal Kaptaan (2019). So you can already imagine the quality you are bound to expect. There is a very thin line and which side you could fall over to when you're writing a piece that is set in today's social and political climate when most fictional pieces of work come across as caricature - when it just presents a sad the attempt at placing buzz words that are relevant today and scenes are written to vocal responses rather than writing how characters were generally interacting with each other, this web series presents an uncanny realism to how several sections of society actually speak to one another. This is effectively done with what the theme of the web series is. How society has been compartmentalized into three sections Swarglok or Heaven where the privileged and people in positions of power reside, these individuals live in palatial houses and the influence public opinion. Dhartilok or Earth which represents the working-class, specifically in context to the show includes a Police force that does the dirty work on the ground and Paatal Lok or hell that encompasses the underprivileged sections of society that are marred by regressive and abusive practices beyond their disenfranchisement in society often leading to destructive outlets that ostracized them and label them as Devils. The show brilliantly captures how the working class oscillates between heaven and hell taking orders and enforcing the law respectively and how slowly and steadily it unravels for these simple-minded servicemen that the surface is nothing but a facade and that both the worlds are just a contrasting image of posturing and survival. A lot of people expected the series to be as deeply embedded in Indian mythology Asus or but the difference in a Paatal Lok is that the references to gods and demons are portrayed through the actions of the characters were in us or the antagonist seemed to have his influence from the world beyond the realm of mortals, Paatal Lok references characters like Hiranya Kashyap, Eklabya, NarasimhaShiva. Specifically in context to individual character traits and actions, if you are well versed with Indian mythology and history, the writing and its analogies will impact you even more. 



The powerful nature of the web series is that it is a spitting image of our society today the privileged and powerful are lustful for more and more. Problematic matters that target them up crushed under the rug and easy targets are created. Fake news persists and alliances are created where the money is the most the show strikingly depicts the evolution of Indian news as well. From one day reporting the news to now just presenting opinions and judgments. As a journalist visits the channel in western states he was just doing his job as a journalist the investor mockingly chuckles at him as a journalist self reflect and gets concerned about his relevancy he states society forgets its will and soul and it's heroes sooner. When the series shifts its focus to the working class and tracking back the origin stories of the probable suspects this is when you realize the layered disturbing and unimaginable problems faced by several sections of society. How everyone is a product of their own upbringing or traumatic past how in many ways we live in a cocoon assuming a particular way to live is considered acceptable not doing the ghastly reality people have to live on a daily, I would just quote one dialogue from this web series when observing that a NASA T of the less privileged especially underprivileged children one person states - "Insan k bachee ki Jaan bahut nasuk hoti hey, Hire ki JaiseLok Marne ke liye chor dete hain, Lekin Wo Jeena Sikh Jaate Hain.

Spectacular Cast 


There isn't a single performance in his web series that misses the mark. Gul Panag is Jaydeep Ahlawat's wife, supporting yet naive is brilliant. It was great to see her in something compelling. Bodhisattva Sharma as Siddharth, Hati Ram Chaudhary's son is a revelation. that has a lot less relationship with his father and just wants to feel belong. He portrays the angst and void within him with great conviction. Niharika Layra Dutta as Sarah Matthews a bright and inquisitive journalist and Ishwaq Singh as Imran Ansari an educated and bright cop and Hati Ram Chaudhary's right-hand man put forth commendable performances. The prime suspects are also brilliant. The shows trace back the origin stories each one more compelling than the other.  Jagdeep Sandhu as Top Singh and Asif Khan as Kabir and present convincing performances. Madame mem Singha's Mary Lindo will have your respect after this series. The courage the sheer bravery of being so vulnerable in front of the camera will truly leave you speechless. You have to see the series to understand how much the person has given for this role. Abhishek Banerjee, however, is Vishal Tyagi stands out psychotic, unhinged and borderline demonic. You realize it was the best decision by the individual to turn to act from casting. The two stars undoubtedly are the veteran stars, Neeraj  Kabi as Sanjeev Mehra the influential and cunning Indian journalist and Jaydeep Ahlawat as Hati Ram Chaudhary. I don't have to say anything about the impressive work there the filmography is a testament to their capabilities. Sanjeev Mehra constant need to be relevant and on top representing the insecure nature of journalists who have become celebrities of sorts in today's society and Hati Ram Chaudhary these only chance of proving his mettle and worth beyond the life of mediocrity that he has led all his life. The series is honestly performance gold. There's absolutely no doubt about it. Paatal Lok presents a layered story encompassing several sections of society their ugly image and the reason for their motivations and actions that stands extremely relevant in the current climate we live and breathe around. A beautiful quote by Henry Thomas Buckle perfectly captures the essence of this web series. Society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it. You can watch the series on Amazon Prime and that was a review guys, write it down in the comments below what you thought about Paatal Lok, please don't forget to follow us on Instagram the handles are in front of you follow us at MovieShowReview on our Facebook page. To support us smashing hit the like or react and share button and subscribing to our blog for weekly content ahead thank you for studying. Thank you.

Paatal Lok पाताल लोक - Official Trailer | Amazon Original | 15th May 2020

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